A fans perspective on "recent events"
August 31, 2010 10:19:15 PM UTC Post #1

In 83', I heard the opening riff to You Think Youre Tough, and my world stopped, I was 13 at the time. Ever since that moment I was a HARDCORE fan. HARDCORE. Bought the records, went to the concerts blah blah blah.

I gave RATT alot of hard earned money, and yes, I received entertainment for it. But again, I busted my ass for the money I forked over to them and for that reason and that reason alone, Im going to have my say............

Lets look at Crue for a second. Its just goddamn sad what that band is doing, and yes, I like the Crue. But you can tell its totally about the money these days. They remind me of KISS, which will sell Meet and Greet experiences for close to one thousand U.S dollars. The music has become a shell of its former self, and they will just play the classics in order to get your ticket money and shirt concessions. I wont go near a KISS or Crue show, or purchase a new album. Paul Stanley will break a guitar on stage for you and sign it for 5 thousand five hundred dollars. True story.

Now, with Ratt, I dont get that same vibe. Obviously, Infestation was an epic record, the best since Invasion.. You can tell they put alot of effort into it and because of that it was succesful. That tells me one thing, THEY STILL HAVE TALENT AND THE DRIVE NECESSARY TO SUCCEED IN THESE TIMES. Of course, thats only IF they can put the shit aside and carry on... Of course, money is a huge factor and reason why theyre putting up with each other and touring, but its NOT ENOUGH OF A FACTOR TO KEEP THEM TOGETHER after they meet their tour requisites.

For that reason, this makes Ratt a better band. Perifuckingid. Yes, Stephen has L.S.D.( lead singers disease), and if he didnt have it, he wouldnt have the charisma and swagger to lead that band they way he did for over a decade. So you deal with it. You fucking deal with it. Eddie deals with David Lee Roth, and so on and so forth.

Warren being the stand up guy that he is, has taken a back seat FOR YEARS electively to keep things running smoothly. Props to you Warren.

Carlos has shown hes a force to be reckoned with as a writer, who woulda thought it, aye? Nice job Carlos.

Crane does what hes told, as I would if in his position.

And last but not least Mr.Blotzer. Who stood up and actually wrote some songs and took a leadership position as of late. The first time hes done so. Again, props to Blotz. But, and this is a big BUT,( J LO size) the book is/was a catalyst in bad vibes. IM NOT SAYING ITS HIS FAULT. Releasing it along with the record is just good business sense. But a bad call personnel wise. Obviously, it provoked hostility amongst the band members.

So, what we have is a problem between Blotz and Pearcy. A pissing contest, a whos schlong is bigger.
And because of that, we have an explosion, rather, an IMPLOSION of an epic band who im proud to be a fan of......................And this problem will NEVER be resolved. Guaranfuckingteed.

So whats the moral of the story here, boys and girls? Get the fuck out while your on top, like Juan, and leave something to the legacy. Have some class, some HONOR, and get over yourselves.

Because like it or not, RATT is bigger then both of you Blotz/Steph.......And always will be..... Now have some fucking class and walk away AS MEN, as former bandmates that SHOOK THE WORLD.

/end rant..........

Btw, have you guys seen that chick Nikkis hitting, that tattooed diseased hooch? My god, how the mighty have fallen......hehe....

September 01, 2010 2:23:14 AM UTC Post #1

Amen...well stated fellow Ratt 'N Roller!

September 01, 2010 5:42:04 PM UTC Post #2

Ratt needs Stephen! The simple fact is they are much more sucessful with him than without. Ratt never managed to put out an album without him, and yet Stephen has managed to without them, both solo and with other bands. The real problem with Ratt lies with their very stupid and not that talented drummer. Bobby should be thankful he has this gig because no one else would take him with his FUCKING ATTITUDE! Bobby just shut the hell up or get the Fuck out.

September 02, 2010 2:33:27 AM UTC Post #3

Ya know...I was unhappy with BB after the NoiseCreep interview and the book. My opinion is that he should have kept the band squabbles out of the press at that point in time. If not harmful, it certainly hasn't been helpful. But, I recommend that you go re-read the BraveWords interview with Stephen if you want some insight (in my uninformed opinion). He talks about not liking BBs book, so that one is a given. But, he also talks about not liking the live record coming out in Japan without his knowledge or consent.

So, I am speculating that perhaps this is a business structure and rights management issue. ?? Maybe (and I'm totally speculating here...cuz I am just a fan). But, maybe Stephen doesn't have the same degree of control within the corporate structure of RATT that he had prior to the whole court case. One would assume that new legal agreements, and perhaps even a new corporate entity were drafted/created for this reunion. It is very likely that the terms are different now than they were for the 1996 WBS reunion. This arrangement is of course different than pre-1992. As fans, we don't know what the current legal arrangements for the RATT business(es) are. I for one would really hope to never even have to think about that....but, here we are....

However, it is clear from the interview that Stephen's position is that he was uninformed about live record, and that he has an issue with being uninformed (and essentially not having any control). So, how is it that he doesn't have any say in the distribution of recordings involving his voice and/or songs? I can understand that a person would not like this situation. Total speculation - so, what if some of this is a negotiating tactic by Stephen....to regain more ownership or control within the band organization? The Infestation album is truly a RATT masterpiece...and so potentially a great bargaining tool for Stephen if he was looking to change the terms of this reunion mid-stream. Wouldn't that be a crazy sub-plot..and quite a gamble by SEP? In one respect, I think that would be good....cuz then we know Stephen is focusing on RATT, and not being delusional about the potential level of success which can be attained by Battering Ramm, Nitronic 2010, and other Top Fuel artists.

Anyway, RATT needs as many of the orignal four guys as possible, and Stephen and Warren are irreplacable musically and sonically...and BB has certainly earned his stripes. So, I hope the remaining three work things out, whatever the freakin issues. It would be sad to see this band self-destruct again.

September 02, 2010 4:38:13 PM UTC Post #4

I think you nailed Seattle.

They just need to work out a fair deal with Stephen, and get back to kicking everyone's ass with Ratt n Roll.

I think the recent revival of the 80's "metal" bands is definitely starting to cool off. Ratt with Jizzy on vocals would have zero appeal right now. Even the four orginal members reuniting would still require a packaged deal to draw fans back to the bigger venues. Some genius promoter needs to figure out how to scale down a Rocklahoma type line up and make it a day long travelling festival in the major markets. As interested as I was in Rocklahoma, no way am I flying down there to bake in the heat for 3 days.

September 02, 2010 5:10:06 PM UTC Post #5

And heres one of the truly sad things about the situation. Even though we are all huge fans and SPEND a shitload of money on Ratts products, they will just go on about their business and not address whats going on with the fans.

Sometimes I think I care a bit too much about the band lol.......

September 02, 2010 10:36:54 PM UTC Post #6

Hey Dr. Rock. I did do a lot of speculating in my post, but I won't speculate on whether the current legal arrangements are fair to Stephen, or Warren and Bob for that matter. FYI for all readers...I have no knowledge about the inner workings of the band. I am just a diehard fan, and am trying to understand what these guys could possibly be thinking. From my perspective, it looks like they are on the cusp of throwing away the best opporunity they will EVER have to be big in the music and entertainment business. Talk about a legacy.....the options here are to be a footnote of the 80s rock/metal scene (albeit an important one...but still a footnote)...thus allowing Motley Crue and Poison to represent the 80s glam/hair metal genre....or to join and/or surpass both of those groups. Which path will they choose?

Back to my speculations....... I think that Infestation is a true gem. THIS is RATT-n-Roll 2010!!! I believe even SEP didn't anticipate how great an album they could make when they kissed and made up for this reunion back in 2007. So, he made whatever deal he made back then. NOW, Stephen sees that they have this great album, and terrific opportunity....and is (perhaps) seeking to renegotiate the deal.....so as to fully regain whatever he lost (and perhaps more) when the band imploded in 2000.

Anyway...as Nightfall31 stated, I really think the situation is bleak here for the fans. I just don't see Warren and Bob caving in....maybe....but, they have been burned more than once. The only good news in my conspiracy theory here is that perhaps Stephen is not delusional about the level of interest or success that BATTERING RAMM, Nitronic, GASH, or whatever could have.

Anyway....we shall see. If not, I guess RATT will have left us with a great album.....but, geez....it is once again very inconsiderate to the fans....and really....once again....means that RATT doesn't get the recognition and credit that they truly deserve (and RATT fans can continue to take shit from their friends!).

RATT music is really unique, and deserves its own place in rock music history.....Infestaion proves point that again. But, if these three can't stay together as a group......they won't get any more recognition than they have already received.

September 03, 2010 12:13:14 AM UTC Post #7

...and Nightfall31....yeah, the fans will be treated like shit as per usual. I learned a long time ago with this band to not be disappointed by the fact that they could give a fuck about the fans (except for how much money is in their wallet). Pearcy called the priorities back in the day...the 3 Ps....pussy, party, paycheck.

well, it is mostly about the paycheck these days.....though "its a party" is about the extent of Stephens stage banter. However, he may want to think the whole, "it doesn't matter if its 50 people or 5000 people....its a party" statement. Cuz, Battering RAMM will be lucky to draw 50 people.

This is madness......I agree...we definitely need to re-think our support of these guys.

September 03, 2010 4:44:52 PM UTC Post #8

I agree with most of these post especially Seattleratt, I do think it is all about contracts right now, both sides know they need each other, I am sure they all want to play big venues that are full, if anyone saw the Jizzy tours or the SEP solo tours 1000 fans max not good for a band like RATT, this album and tour could be huge this is bad timing but they need each other, I am sure that there will be a tour in the new year this album was bigger and better then they all thought. Plus with keeping the fans out of the loop RATT never used the media for this stuff even there personal lives unlike Motley, Stephen even said that in his interview.

September 09, 2010 2:04:37 PM UTC Post #9

What they need to do is put their big boy metal pants on and stop
all the whinning and crap.
They make money playing together. People want to see this line-up when
going to a Ratt show. It works on stage. Many bands have internal problems
and get out on stage and play music. Investation is off the hook, and to walk away now
is just such a total waste of everybody's time who believes in this band..fans...record
companies, promoters....Personally, I don't want to see a 401K tour down the road..
I want to see them suck it up, and get out there where they belong.....Maybe its Bobby who
needs to take a hike....

December 14, 2010 7:01:05 PM UTC Post #10

Well, after a few months from the start of this quote incident unquote, the pictures a bit clearer. Not much though. Stevens said the band is not breaking up, and if any OTHER members are not happy, they need to step. So what will probably happen is Bobby will wind up walking after a long drawn out fight.

Well, at least we had one more cd released by Ratt, right guys? lol.....Thats certainly a positive...And it was a great cd!

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