A fans perspective on "recent events"
January 06, 2011 12:16:47 AM UTC Post #11

=Scott43 said:Ratt needs Stephen! The simple fact is they are much more sucessful with him than without. Ratt never managed to put out an album without him, and yet Stephen has managed to without them, both solo and with other bands. The real problem with Ratt lies with their very stupid and not that talented drummer. Bobby should be thankful he has this gig because no one else would take him with his FUCKING ATTITUDE! Bobby just shut the hell up or get the Fuck out.

Face it. RATT IS Pearcy!! Whether we like it or not a band is identified by their lead singer since no other person can make the music sound exactly like that!! Pearcy is awesome and he must always be with RATT!

Obviously I want Blotz too since he's one of the original members and Croucier too for the same reason. They just need to act like adults and all get along!

Ideally Crosby should be in too but unfortunately that can never happen now can it!

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