Bobby Blotzer slams Stephen Pearcy on Facebook Feb 16, 2011
February 22, 2011 3:50:54 AM UTC Post #11

@Upscope: There are five sides to the story (of the current members). Stephen has bashed Blotz. Blotz has bashed Stephen, Warren, and Robbie. He is a good drummer. One of the first things that stuck out to me on Infestation was the rhythm section. Elvis Baskette captured that dynamic of Ratt better than anyone has in the past. Bobby also wrote 2 amazing songs for the album. I DO want him to remain in Ratt if possible. But he embodies a lot of things that are wrong with music industry as a business. During Ratt's 4 consecutive platinum album streak during the 80s, he is given one songwriting credit (Drive Me Crazy). Now he brags about being one of the two owners of the Ratt name! There are thousands of great drummers, but no one is lining up to the door to hear "Live for Today" or "Breakout" (I do like both songs). I'm not saying he was not not a part of their success. I even agree with him about some of the things he has said about Stephen and Warren. But Ratt; like every other band, is loved for their songs. If you did not write those songs, then you do not own those songs!

Legally, Bobby owns 50 percent of the Ratt moniker, and legally O.J. was found innocent of murdering Nicole.
We know the truth.

February 22, 2011 3:54:11 AM UTC Post #12

Bobby, we're gonna get you, what you gonna do, do, do. We're gonna get you, what you gonna do.

February 22, 2011 3:38:52 PM UTC Post #13

Bob - thanks for the update, but really. don't you think it would be better to just keep quiet, and let Pearcy hang himself?? Maybe he will come back to RATT...and maybe he won't... but Top Fuel records is DOA....just like Moronic/Nitronic was in 2000. SEP was a bit smarter this time in terms of not breaching contracts, but he still screwed the pooch on this deal. I hope he enjoy screwing you, Warren (Robbie and Carloes) over more than he would have enjoyed the accolades, status, and new business opportunities which would have been afforded by seeing the Infestation commitment thru to a successful conclusion. He just couldn't take the time to guide the Infestation album/tour etc. through to the success it could have been....cuz he wanted to get revenge on you and warren. I hope he enjoys the just desserts which come from such an evil mindset.

.......the true fans can see that the Pearcy solo career is going nowhere. No one else even cares about his solo music or a remake of Wanted Man. He is trying to take the success that Infestation COULD HAVE BEEN...and steal that for himself personally. Ain't gonna happen.....RATT is nostalgia....enjoy it, revel in in on....but fighting amongst yourselves will leave you all with nothing....absolutely nothing.

wine franchise??? seriously? Good luck dude...I know it must be frustrating as hell being a part of this mess called RATT. I'm not understanding the value proposition of purchasing wine through my favorite 80s rock band....but, ok.

...hey, at least you guys had great success in the 80s, and went out with one last great album...

February 22, 2011 9:59:20 PM UTC Post #14

Look at past & present writing credits & very few times will you see Blotzer's name. The main/consistant song writer's are and have always been Stephen & Warren. Moreover, I think it's awesome that Pearcy continues to release music outside of Ratt. I've seen him solo many times and he rocks the house no matter how big the audience is. However, I don't think he believes for a second these projects are going to go platinum or compare in anyway to Ratt. He's a muscian and it's in his blood to write & play whenever possible. Lastly, I told a friend of mine when the guys got back together to check them out ASAP because Blotzer will fuck this band up soon.

February 23, 2011 3:23:44 AM UTC Post #15

Nothing has ever changed in the Ratt camp. This band has hard headed members that have tremendous pride in what they do. They all care very much at how the band is represented. This is what made this band great all these years and continues to this day. This is also what kills this band as well. I think the intensity so great in this band it causes the band to burn out fast. Ratt is a way of life for the members as well. The band Ratt is made up of a group of fighters and tensions will always be high. Ratt will never die.

February 23, 2011 4:31:08 AM UTC Post #16

To all those who like to comment on Pearcy's solo career, you are some what right in that it will never amount to what Ratt has done, but atleast he does continuee to put out music and tour. Bobby has NO solo stuff, why, because he is NOT good enough. And yes I have seen Pearcy at his solo gigs, and I say they still ROCK. I have had the pleasure of meeting the entire band over there career, and Bobby is the only one who has ever acted like a PRICK. And to top it all off Ratt minus Pearcy has never put out any new music. That is not to take anything away from Warren he is a Guitar God! Booby needs to learn his place, he is a drummer and that is it, and he is not even the best drummer out in the rock world, hell he is not even in the top 25. So Bobby just needs to lose his attitude or get out!

February 24, 2011 9:22:41 PM UTC Post #17

Anyhoo.. Stephen has a new Facebook page and he's on Twitter.

February 25, 2011 3:19:41 AM UTC Post #18

Alot of good points were made about the fact that SEP is doing the exact same crap that he's accusing Bobby of doing--only worse!!! With a killer album out Ratt should have done a more extensive tour. How many die-hard fans out there weren't able to see them on the Infestation tour??? I know they didn't come any where near where I live. No--instead SEP goes off and does his own thing.. That seems far more damaging to the band than Bobby's book (which by the way I found to be enjoyable and entertaining.) So Bobby said a few things SEP didn't like--Boo Hoo! Instead of taking it like an adult, he takes his ball and goes running home...leaving his band and his fans high and dry. It seems to me like Pearcy is the problem. What are the chances of getting a new lead singer?????

February 25, 2011 5:22:52 PM UTC Post #19

=jsesprad said:RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer has slammed the band's lead singer, Stephen Pearcy,
for allegedly choosing to resume his solo career this year while Blotzer
and other members of the group pursue other projects. In a series of posts
on his Facebook page, Bobby writes, "Congrats to Sullivan Bigg's agency
[Bigg Time Entertainment] and the Stephen Pearcy solo band adventure on the
first solo show for his HUGE forthcoming 2011 tour, and the lucky 52 people
that got to hear RATT's music butchered. Poor promoter! And asking for a rider
and his two packs of smokes on top of the monster drawing power? LOL, priceless.

"All will be told in my new book. I'll tell you this, though: I'm sick of the
lies and deception from the whole lot of them in this band. And guess what,
who owns the name? Two right now...

"Look, guys, yes, I'm obviously really burnt and pissed here, yes. But I want
RATT to be RATT. With all of us. I'm tired of rolling a snowball up hill to build
the snowman. I'm also not doing this as a promo for this new book. Happens to be
falling at the same time. It's all about the love of playing for you guys year in
year out, and having a great job, with job security. Every single year
I'm re-building this band."

February 25, 2011 5:40:33 PM UTC Post #20

My two cents...and I saw Ratt three times on the last tour. Twice in Cleveland at the House of Blues and once in Columbus. (All three shows the band sounded great)

Bobby's timing with the book probably wasnt to good, but I also read the book and thought it was pretty harmless.
He certainly said alot of nice things about Pearcy too in the book. But...Since Pearcy has upped and lefgt the band twice in the past...can you blame Bobby for trying to cash in a little to have a little more financial security? Probably not.

As for Pearcy...he is a interesting guy. I love Ratt and its not Ratt to me with any other singer, but as others have mentioned, Pearcy pushed his solo records, record label, etc all the time, so how he can say Bobby or anyone else
isnt focused on Ratt or has other agenda's, that is being a hypocrite. He played some huge shows with Ratt headlining and opening for the Scorpions, but he would rather do solo stuff in crappy clubs in front of 50 people.
Its like tommy lee with Motley...tommy has done some interesting stuff, but he is the best at being Motley's drummer.
Pearcy is the best at being the lead singer of Ratt. End of story.

Also...Ratt has to have the worst business sense of any band in the history of music. Whoever their managment is...they are horrible!!! Ratt's wed site improved some with this last record, but basically it lacks updates, design quality and info to keep fans interested and up to date. Check out Megadeth's web site and compare it to Ratt's. Both bands had similar success in back in the day, but look at how each website is designed. Tell me which one is more enjoyable to their fans
and would make you want to come back???

Also... on the last tour, nobody bought any Ratt concert t-shirts because they looked like crap and hardly had any selection and nothing looked cool. Just think if they had a shirt with the EP or out of the cellar album cover on the t-shirt. those would sell like crazy because they look cool to this day and hit on the nastalga factor also.

Bottom line is...I wouldnt pay 10 bucks to see Pearcy solo or any other member of Ratt solo or Ratt with another singer.
But... With Pearcy, Warren, Bobby, Robbie and Carlos... I wouldnt have any trouble paying top dollar for VIP or anything else because the band was that good on the last tour and their last CD was that good too.

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