Dude seriously Ratt is a KILLER BAND
July 10, 2013 2:43:41 PM UTC Post #1

Crue still has alot of Cred. At one time they were THE joke. All of the Seattle bands were like we don't want to be like the Crue. Now they have elder cool. Man Ratt just doesn't even have one mediocre song. I'd love too see them get their fair props. Everyone who's in my generation graduated 89 remembers where they were the 1st time they heard round n round. But that entire album is amazing and everything the original line up did was amazing. Their new stuff, is great, but I'm not 12 or 13 so I can't experience it again like I did then. Seriously, I think Ratt as a band is probably the best of the entire LA scene crop exception being GnR which is an animal unto itself. I cha;;enge anyone to name another band from the era that you can listen to their entire catalog and be like damn yo this shit rocks...Nikki Sixx was my hero as a kid and I can't do that with their catalog. really I can't get past Shout. And every record Ratt did was like Shout. Urgent, passionate and commanding you to listen. Stephen Pearcy really deserves more credit as a lyricist. Sometimes he's cheeseball but 9 times outta 10 he just has that knack for the killer hook you'll be singing all day. DANCE DANCE DANCE.. I want a woman not some little girl..U think yer tuff...Cold blooded bitch runnin out on me...I'm a wanted man...round and round....You're in love...And as a singer from that whole scene he's the best. Eception being Axl. Again an entire separate monster. I'm closing by saying all of this is my opinion as a songwriter not a 40 year old mom with pre menopausal wet panties..LMFAO.. Man, Ratt records are just always full of something good. Lyrics, music or just awesome musicianship. I love em.

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