eat me up alive
September 27, 2010 5:45:23 PM UTC Post #1

The new Ratt song "eat me up alive" has been receiving heavy air play in my neck of the woods (upper Michigan). Everbody I talk to is blown away by this track. I was wondering how the song is doing in other parts of the country. I recently went to the rock rally in Glen flora, Wi and was blown away. I wish Ratt could come to our area which has a huge Ratt following. Telsa will be playing at the Island resort and casino in Harris, Michigan on October 1st and 2nd which is our first real eighties act to play here. Ratt with their new album would rock the house. Thank you Ratt for a great album that is at level of eariler work Cellar, Invasion and Dance. Ratt music has stood the test of time and is very much alive. You are a band that has had its trouble getting along but make know mistake the music you guys have been able to make and continue to make to this day has propelled you guys to a new level and has made a major statement to all eighies bands and king pins like the Crue. Ratt you guys are truly appreciated by your fans. Thank you very much for making a difference in my life.

October 04, 2010 6:52:28 PM UTC Post #1

Nice to hear a positive post here after all the drama last month......

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