Infestation - artwork mystery
September 21, 2010 8:21:16 PM UTC Post #1

Ok, Ok, it's killing me. On the front of the Infestation disc cover, lower left corner there is a little blurry garbage can with some words and / or numbers written on it. My 40 year old eyes can't make it out. Anybody know what that says?? There is also a sign on the white building near the can and I can't read what that says either.

I have to believe this is a message implanted by someone in the band. Maybe even SEP himself????

October 04, 2010 6:51:09 PM UTC Post #1

Hey Geo, I actually made out the words. Its a date, when the world ends and we are saved by the big cheddar cheese in the sky.

The cheese is gonna float down and save mankind, well most of us except Warrant fans....

Actually have no idea mate, and listen, forty year old is still young. Fifty is scary, but forty, we re still good.

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