RATT "Infestation" 2010


Released: April 20th, 2010


1. Eat Me Up Alive

2. Best of Me

3. A Little Too Much

4. Look Out Below

5. Last Call

6. Lost Weekend

7. As Good as it Gets

8. Garden of Ede

9. Take a Big Bite

10. Take Me Home

11. Don’t Let Go

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BigRATTfan // February 02, 2011 11:48:52 PM UTC

Infestation is a KILLER album and Eat Me Up Alive is the greatest rock/metal song in DECADES!! Over 20 years!!

When is the last time a song is SO good you have to hear it again and again? THAT is how good Eat Me Up Alive is!!

RATT is the greatest band ever!!


rockinrhonda // January 17, 2011 12:37:17 PM UTC

A new friend of mine who's been your fan from the beginning jump-started the memory banks of my so-called brain!! I guess I got hung up on grunge first and then the new rock. I kept sayin to my buddies this new music style is o.k.. I guess i like it. I didn't really "FEEL" it. Not much of it MOVED me. Then I met Arthur and he was real into 80''s rock. It was such a pure thrill to go down memory lane listening to all his his kick ass 80's rock. I TRULY HAD FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH I USED BE COMPLETLEY CONSUMED WITH ALL THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL AND METAL OF OUR GENERATION. Class of 82"'! I was a bit unset w/myself for having abandoned the bands and musicicans of my youth. I was brainwashed by psuedo rock/grunge and ended up trying country on for size. Then I really swayed and ended up a TEXAS/Country music listener out of sheer bordome.. TO THINE OWN HEART I wBETRAYED! SO WELCOME ROCKIN R


djdvusdesi // December 03, 2010 3:55:06 PM UTC

which stands for Disc Jockey Devious Desi


fb_Sachin Patel // November 29, 2010 12:08:26 PM UTC

if you love ratts new album

and keck if you love ratt period
plz cheak out the nand named crel on face book

theyre a band bring back what true rock n role is all about
and help a lead guitarist make 1 of his dreams come true
1. becoming famous
2.playing with warren demartini

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metalstandin // November 28, 2010 5:35:31 AM UTC

husband was stsndin as lead guitaristwhileguitarist had other dedications... he did a hot job annd still does early 1980s, he still plays ratt long and hard and is proud to of stood in at times with ratt as other bands. hes not a bragger, im just so in awwwwww oh how hubby plays by ear anything by hearing it once,,, hes a good man and ratt will always be a part of him, heres to you rat and those early morning, honey get outta bed ratt songs, screaming metal throughout my house, ty


cragrock // November 13, 2010 7:37:47 PM UTC

Well done. Eat me up alive is simply old skool ratt by numbers. Lets hope it stays the new skool too.


scotty40 // October 18, 2010 3:54:07 PM UTC

i was skeptical and hesitant to buy this album.but i heard they had acquired carlos cavazo as their second guitarist and that immediately drew my attention so i quickly snatched it up.i tell you i was'nt dissappointed!!a return to the classic ratt sound for sure!'best of me' and 'eat me up alive' are my 2 favorite tracks on the album!!a great job by all the band!!!!


tusa4s // September 22, 2010 9:41:21 PM UTC

I flew to Springfield Missouri to see Ratts Sept.17th show because I missed the show by my home in Myrtle Beach SC. It was worth every dollar spent for the trip. Ratt is one of the few true rock bands that has not lost their sound over the years, the Infestation CD is pure awsome metal, a must have! Good to see Skid Row play with them at that show.


KARMAGUITARIST93 // August 15, 2010 3:51:59 AM UTC

i actally pre ordered this album what a amazing album i just saw them at the Atlantic City Hilton show an they were amazing one of the best shows ever and played 4 songs of this album such a great album RATT N ROLL FOREVER!!!!


Dj_Grumpy_Az // July 17, 2010 6:59:27 PM UTC

I have to hand it to you guys...you made one hell of a comeback with this album. When i first heard Ratt had a new album out i ran down to the local music store and bought it. And believe it or not Infestation is the first cd ive bought in years...just cuz i dont like the new crap thats out these days. That night I bought me an 18pk, sat out on my patio and listened to Infestation over & over again. Man it took me back to the good ol' days! So thanks for making such a kickass album & bringin back rock music that makes sense. Oh by the way see you guys in Tempe, Az on July 31st at 910Live! (lookin forward to it)

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