RATT "Infestation" 2010


Released: April 20th, 2010


1. Eat Me Up Alive

2. Best of Me

3. A Little Too Much

4. Look Out Below

5. Last Call

6. Lost Weekend

7. As Good as it Gets

8. Garden of Ede

9. Take a Big Bite

10. Take Me Home

11. Don’t Let Go

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Med Bukey // April 24, 2010 9:19:09 PM UTC

@Dalien the Alien:



HastyP // April 23, 2010 4:50:39 PM UTC

The new cd kicks major ass! Love the songs, great guitars and vocals. Not too many 80's bands can put out an album today that sounds as good as their old stuff. Ratt has found a way to do that. Cheers!


Dalien the Alien // April 22, 2010 10:41:31 PM UTC

Saw the album today whilst browsing the record store and asked the guy if I could have a listen.....cheered me right up as soon as the first beat kicked in and spent the next ten minutes in my own little world. Thank you for coming back so strong and want to know when you guys are going to do a proper tour over here in the U.K.again. It's a real hard rockin' album and one of the best I've heard in a while. Now get the hell over here and stop messing around; you still have fans in this neck of the woods that have been following you forever! Ratt'n'Roll forever.


DENNIS MASS // April 21, 2010 9:00:10 PM UTC

the new album is better than expected. lol are there any albums sold been a fan from the getgo i dont think they put out a bad album ever, alot of people say this albums not good or that albums not good they all cant be a out of the cellar or invasion theyall have good songs on them.i read alot of people put down the collage album or the second self titled ratt album but they both have good songs on them listen to steel river,hold tight,or the fonic mix of lovin yous a dirty job differnt but cool. the 99 album is cool too listen to so good,so fine ,live for todayand dead reckoning just kicks ass. this album may be better but in my opinion there all good. im just trying to say there are alot of cellar or invasion fans and not ratt fans, the real fans know what im saying. all ratt albums are great! so all the haters have their veiws, but we real fans know ratt kicks ass no matter what.so to all the real fans keep ratt n rolling. new album is great. i agree with rocky please dont make us wait 10 years for the next great ratt album.


rocky49152 // April 17, 2010 10:00:44 PM UTC

Good album. Once I heard "Best of Me" I knew they were going to put out something special, and they did. Truth is, even if the album would have been total garbage, I would be ecstatic to see these guys putting stuff out again.

So that said, it didn't hit me between the eyes like their "Out of the Cellar" to "Reach for the Sky" era but it's definitely on par with their better work. Better overall then Detonator, and far superior to their self-titled effort at the beginning of the decade.

Stand out tracks:
"Best of Me"
"A Little Too Much"
"As Good As it Gets"
"Take a Big Bite"

Good job guys - don't make us wait 10 years for the next one ok?


rockinriley // April 17, 2010 6:58:15 AM UTC

@that rocker: I couldn't say it better myself. I have been a fan for ever. I graduated in 1986, which to me was in their heyday. But I am so impressed with the new album. I will definitely be adding it to my collection. I have all of the albums, except for the ep. I will be seeing them on September the 4th in El Paso. Texas. I cannot wait for that day. It will be a great day.


that rocker // April 15, 2010 1:55:12 AM UTC

This new Ratt album is GREAT much better than I expected. Every song is good which is rare these days especially from the hard rock bands from the 80s that we love to listen to. Anybody who thinks otherwise is not a true Ratt fan and should have their ears examined. Ratt rules once again. In my opinion Infestation is as good as any album they have put out!!!!!!

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