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Ratt – Infestation

By Larry Petro, Pure Rock Patrol, Houston
Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 6:38 PM

(Roadrunner Records)


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Holy cow! For those of you Ratt fans that have always hoped and wished for another album that would be truly worthy of the Ratt name, wish no more! In the game of horseshoes this would be called a ringer. Ratt is back, and in a BIG way!

With the release of Infestation, Ratt has made an obvious return to the classic Ratt sound from days gone by. Released on 4/20 (coincidence? I think not!), the band is serving notice that they are far from finished. This album is sure to be one of the year’s best releases and one that should satisfy the throngs of fans who hoped that one day an album of this quality would see the light of day. This CD rocks from start to finish! From the moment the initial track “Eat Me Up Alive” (can you say show opener?) starts, you cannot resist the urge to reach over and CRANK IT UP! I’m taken back 25 years to the days of Out of the Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy, it’s that good! Back in those days you could tell that most of the songs that were written were meant to be played in huge arenas and this new release returns to those roots. You just can’t listen to it without thinking about how these songs would sound live. The first single/video for ‘Best of Me’ is probably the most radio-friendly track on the CD, and although it’s a good song, I’ve seen a lot of comments from people that are somewhat disappointed in it. All I can say is don’t let your opinion of the new CD be clouded by this one track. The rest of the material blows this song away! And since they have the entire album available for streaming on their website (, you can see for yourself exactly how good this is! Notable tracks include: “Eat Me Up Alive”, “A Little Too Much”, “Last Call”, “Take a Big Bite.”

Huge props go to producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette! You know, the producer can certainly make or break a band’s popularity, especially if he/she has a little different vision of what the band should sound like. Mr. Baskette MUST have been a huge fan of the classic Ratt because he hit the nail on the head with this one! Everything about the production of this CD oozes that classic sound, from Bobby’s pounding drums to Warren’s screaming solos and Stephen’s raspy screams. And speaking of Warren, who says you lose a little of your step with age? Warren plays like he’s 25 again. The moment you hear his playing, you KNOW it’s Ratt! The whole band for that matter sounds like they have found the Fountain of Youth and drank the well dry! The addition of ex-Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo was the missing piece here and his being in the band now makes it a complete lineup. And Pearcy’s voice sounds better than ever, a marked improvement from prior material.

I must be just a little honest here though. Those that know me know that I am a huge Ratt fan, always have been, and so some of you will be tempted to say that I’m being a little biased in my review here. I say nonsense! The fact that I have followed the band for as long as I have gives me a better insight into what the band should sound like. Even though I am the fan that I am, if this CD was not a collection of quality material, I would be the first to step and say ‘What the hell guys?’. But no, this CD is everything it was billed up to be, and more! So get this CD, put it in the player, and blow your speakers to kingdom come!

Catch Ratt this summer touring with the Scorpions on their farewell tour. Should be a killer show! Ratt Madness is back! Prepare to be infested!


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thank you, thank you very much! i was gonna post the link but i see someone else beat me to it!

Larry Petro

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