Memoir of a Ratt Fan
May 20, 2010 2:32:22 PM UTC Post #1

1984... There was a group of about 4 or 5 of us at the local roller skating rink. Like usual, we all had our walkman cassette players with us; as many cassette tapes we could carry in our pockets. Little did I know at the time, my life was about to change. I was about to experience the music of Ratt for the first time.

While taking a break from skating I reached over and pulled a cassette tape out of my friends sneaker. Of course, he wasn't wearing it - he had roller skates one. C'mon man, keep up with the story. Round and Round - from the first song to last, I never stopped the tape, except to turn it over. I even took the album home with me and listened to it all night long until the batteries in my walkman begged for mercy then died from exhaustion.

Here are some of my highlights with the music of Ratt:

I got laid for the first time with "Invasion of Your Privacy" playing in the background. I know it was "Dangerous but Worth the Risk" being at my girlfriends place with her parents in their room down the hall. I expected her to "Lay it Down" and "Give it All" at 15; lolololololol. When it was all said and done, she became "Closer to My Heart" than anyone else had in my life at the time.THANK YOU RATT!!!!!

In high school, I actually had a girlfriend that was pretty much a nympho. "Dance", "One Good Lover", "Body Talk"... "I like the way you talk when you undress me, I like to take it off", I can't tell you how many times I got a little strip tease to "Enough is a Enough". This album for me was all about exploring sexuality. THANK YOU RATT!!!!! (I'm sure my wife as of today thanks you as well)

"Reach for the Sky" came out my freshman year in college. I was "Way Cool Jr." on campus pretty much walking around thinking, "I Want a Woman". I wanted the "Bottom Line", "No Surprise" kind of gal. All I had to say was, you're "What I'm After" so "Whats it Gonna Be". More times than not the reaction I got from a gal was, "I Want to Love you Tonight". THANK YOU RATT!!!!!

Those college days got even better when "Detonator" came out. "Shame Shame Shame" became my anthem for a few months when a gal I was dating cheated on me...$@&^%. Everyday I remember wanting to tell her, "Lovin' You's a Dirty Job". That was a "Hard Time" for me. I was "One Step Away" from thinking she might be the one. Anyway. Not to worry, it wasn't hard to find a 2 new friends that would "Scratch That Itch" for me. Three was never a crowd when Ratt was playing in the background. That's the better part that I mentioned earlier. THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU RATT!!!!!

Some of the best and worst days of my life have been shared with Ratt. THANK YOU!!!!!

Between 1984 and 1990 I was fortunate enough to see Ratt live about 10-15 times. I caught picks from Robin, Warren and Juan. I never got a stick from Bobby. I had a friend that did. I was Jealous as hell, you could imagine. My friend was a die hard Kiss fan. Oh those days in the PITT! A girlfriend of mine even flashed her tits to Stephen at a concert. I was very proud of those beauties that I called mine. I was even more proud when she flipped her top up at a Ratt show. I still have dozens of photos of Ratt from the Pitt when we used to sneak those disc cameras into concerts.

My wife has never been to a real concert. The closest thing she has is CMC Music Factory at Astroworld. I can't help but laugh when that comes up in conversation. I have probably been to over 100 shows. I am really thinking about taking here to the Ratt gig this year in Grand Prairie, TX. I have not been to a concert in years. Life is short and I sure would like to see Ratt live again for the memories! Amen!

Robbie Crane -
I dig your stuff buddy. Never got to see you live but I loved the tunes from your brief time with Vince. I can't thank you enough for becoming part of Ratt. You have helped keep my soul alive. Thanks.

Carlos Cavazo -
I lived in a small town outside of Corpus Christi for 25 years. Growing up my friends and I were always fans of Quiet Riot because of the local tie-in. Excellent work! Thank you for becoming part of Ratt.

Bobby -
Your percussion has always been amazing to me. You are a Picasso with a stick. Every beat on your canvas fills my Ratt-n-Roll soul with admiration. This latest album is remarkable and straight in-line with what I dig about you man!

Warren -
As a guitar player myself of 30 years, you have become my god. I was never good enough to make it. I spent my time in a band for 10 years playing festivals, proms and bars. Every time I stepped on stage I always wanted to be as smooth as you Torch. I loved your first solo album. I wish you would have done more on your own. You know this new phenomenon, "Guitar Hero"? screw that. You are my Guitar Hero. Thanks for all the smokin riffs that I love so much dude!!!!

Stephen -
For me, you are Ratt. Since I was 14, I have admired you as a person. For as long as I can remember I have been celebrating your birthday, July 3rd. Why you ask? Mine is the 4th. So every year now, I raise a shot and wish you a happy birthday. I do the same for myself the next night. Call it crazy, but that is how much I love Ratt. Like I said, for me, you are Ratt. Hell, let me creep you out even more. My initials are SP. Steven P. I won't divulge my last name to protect the innocent. In all honesty, I have never had the chance to meet you but in some strange way I feel like your family. I mean, your music, your voice... it has been with me for over 26 years. All the lyrics you have weaved over that time, has made me who I am today. Seriously, I took some of what you were singing and applied to my life. The only stuff I wouldn't say I did that with is some of your solo work. It rocked! However, it just didn't seem to come from the heart like your work with Ratt. Infestation, to me, is you at your best. I look forward to hearing you with many albums to come.

Since that day of intorduction in 1984, I have cherished the music of Ratt. It's part of the fabric which has shapped my life. I still have that very cassette tape in an old trunk with a bunch of other items from my life. I have been a fan for 27 years and will be for the rest of my days.

Come on let's keep rockin' and get RATT in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! F@$& Yea!



May 29, 2010 7:19:42 AM UTC Post #1

wow...and I thought I was a hardcore fan lol...Nice to see someone who loves the band just as much as I do....ty for sharing that story...awesome...

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