New Blotzer interview on Noisecreep
June 17, 2010 12:28:27 AM UTC Post #1

I really wish Bobby Blotzer would focus on the killer new album & tour instead making all of these negative comments about the inner-workings of the band. I've been waiting years for these guys to get back together with Pearcy. Ratt is one of my favorite bands period. I really want these guys to continue making killer music. Focus on the positive. You're a member of one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time.

June 17, 2010 3:26:24 PM UTC Post #1

It's called freedom of speech and if there is something going on in a band, dont the fans have the right to know?
I think they need to get their SHIT together and forget about all the BS that happened in the past. They are rock legends so maybe they should act like it? Dont get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of RATT. Always was and always will. The new album has brought them to new levels. Let the past be and focus on a great future of amazing rock. And I know wounds can be deep and hard to heal, but with a little faith any wound can heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 18, 2010 12:47:16 AM UTC Post #2

I could not agree more. I have seen this pattern before with many great bands over the years (Kiss, Motley, Sabbath etc.). All it takes is a few of negative comments in an interview & the war begins. Moreover, I want to see these guys continue to making incredible music together. I had zero interest in the band when Pearcy was absent. This new album is amazing on many levels. Regarding, the freedom of speech comment. Sure he has the right to say what he wants, and yes, we all have a right to know. However, it's the same old issues; move past it. I want to hear about good stuff.

June 18, 2010 3:02:15 AM UTC Post #3

The best thing for Ratt right now is just to get out on the infestation tour. They've got alot of momentum w/ infestation's release and some critically acclaimed live performances.Continued and growing success will breed serenity on many levels including inner band relations.Go out and blow the scorpion Die hards away!(I'll say it again...Give It all would be a great opener )

June 18, 2010 3:57:22 AM UTC Post #4

=RATTnJETS said:... .Go out and blow the scorpion Die hards away!(I'll say it again...Give It all would be a great opener )

.... or Drive Me Crazy. :D

June 18, 2010 10:30:27 PM UTC Post #5

Same ole thing that we are use to, this band has never had the glue they needed since the passing of Mr Crosby...I wish the best to them but it's not looking good AGAIN! I can say as a long time fan I don't want to hear all the pissing and moaning just thank god your not working at Walmart with Jizz.

June 18, 2010 10:49:44 PM UTC Post #6

That's what I'm talking about RattnJets. I totally agree. I couldn't believe it, but a friend of emailed me another recent interview with Boltzer; he was blasting Warren & Stephen again. It just kills me. This new album is one of their best, in my opinion. In a aorst case scenario, I hope that at least Warren & Stephen will continue with Ratt in some form. Just like Aerosmith; it's no good if Perry and Tyler are not together.

June 18, 2010 10:57:35 PM UTC Post #7

Since I'm on a rant here goes, Bob I've hung with you on the bus and shot pool at your hotel with you and shit, I think your a good fun party animal to hang with and you seem like a pretty straight forward guy and I RESPECT that, BUT your kinda like me and you sometimes open up your mouth when you should stand disrespect brother but your a drummer and if you keep it up you may end up sidelined with Juan.

I've hung with Steve and understand what he's about, as for Warren I've talked with him briefly and can't give a opinion of how he is when it comes to the band, You guys had a great start with INFESTATION but IMO it's dead in the water and will be looked back on as a record that could've been, We as fans can smell when the bands having probs a mile away and at this point even I say who gives a fuck anymore....I liked it better when you guys were apart.

I know what your saying about the constant pressure on uncertainty and "you should know by now" Your good in my book Bob and I hear what your saying but it's a business now not fun like the olden days.......................

June 19, 2010 1:07:23 AM UTC Post #8

I admit I hadn't actually read the article until now. It is disappointing to hear all that negativity. I hope they can get thier shit together. Anyone whose business it is to "kick ass as good as I can for the people that are buying the product and buying the tickets to the show" won't be kicking ass for long if the band falls apart. I honestly don't give a damn about the internal drama. I think it should stay internal. I just want to hear thier music and have an opportunity to see these guys live from time to time. I put up with enough soap opera drama for decades as a Van Halen fan. That's the last thing I want to hear about in Ratt news. New music, new tour dates, interviews discussing gear, musicianship, recording and such... that's the Ratt news I want to hear about.

June 19, 2010 1:19:58 AM UTC Post #9

ok....I've been keeping my trap shut on this.....but enough. I just saw Bob's latest interview with Metal Sucks.

Bob - What are you thinking? As much as I think I want to hear the real inside scoop, I can't imagine that these comments are healthy for the longevity of the band. Please do all of us a favor and do not speak publicly about the things which CURRENTLY CAUSE TENSION AMONG THE THREE OF YOU. If I was those guys, I'd be so pissed at you right now. Your comments seem SOOOOOOO self serving.... They do NOT, I repeat DO NOT make you look like the good guy, or the only rational member of the band in all this.

Infestation is one of RATT's best albums EVER.....and you have a great opportunity in front of you. I would think that having Stephen unavailable for the European leg of the Infestation tour would be a SIGNIFICANT marketing issue already. RATT doesn't need any more trouble right now.

Or, you can guys can just bag the whole f'n thing. Why do I waste my time....

June 19, 2010 1:36:51 AM UTC Post #10

@SeattleRATT: Well said.

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