August 19, 2010 1:39:35 AM UTC Post #1

Damn It Beavis this sucks!!
From www.melodicrock.com

After a very successful 12 months, are the wheels of the Ratt bus about to run off the road again? Here's some extractions from a brand new Stephen Pearcy interview with BraveWords' Mitch Lafon:

Bravewords.com: What's next for Ratt?
Stephen Pearcy: “First, we have to finish the few dates we have left on the table and we did some filming a couple of nights back for our next single, 'Eat Me Up Alive'. It'll be a live montage kind of video and then I have to take care of some unfinished business with the band and me. After, that I'm off and running doing some solo stuff and a new project. I'm also going to get the label (Top Fuel Records) in gear and get the Riot Brides (www.stephen-pearcy.com/item_19/Riot-Brides.htm) back in the studio. Their EP is out and the girls are selling some records.”

Bravewords.com: Now, that you are back in Ratt is Stephen Pearcy solo finished or on hiatus?
Stephen Pearcy: “No, I'm just starting. Like I said, I have some unfinished business with the band because as usual it's complicated and dysfunctional. Things just didn't fall into place and I've left my options open. So, I'll continue to pursue my solo stuff and do another solo record, but first and foremost I'm a guitar player and I'm going to be putting together a band/ project tentatively called 'Battering Ramm'. The stuff that I'm writing for this project along with Rat Bastard guitarist Erik Ferentinos is way heavy and ass-kicking, but I won't be singing (which will probably make some people happy {laughs}). I'll only play guitar. I'll get a singer, some established players and we'll put out some songs.”

Bravewords.com: I'm sure that will make a lot of people unhappy actually.
Stephen Pearcy: “I'll still go out and shake it up with the Rat Bastards and sing. That's not going to stop. In fact, I already have a few dates posted. I plan on spending months and months with these things (projects). I'm real excited about getting the Top Fuel Records projects going. I've been writing Ratt songs since day one and the EP was my early Mickey Ratt music. So, I've got a new Mickey Ratt compilation coming out later this year which will lead, hopefully, into a new solo record and then there will be the Battering Ramm record. The music for that is insane – it's Vicious Delite meets my solo stuff meets hard core Ratt meets new music all into one. Like I said, it'll be ass-kicking.”

Bravewords.com: How does this work in with the Ratt schedule? There's obviously going to be another album and tour in 2011, right?
Stephen Pearcy: “We'll see what happens. I'm not looking at that right now. I just want to finish up and take a break. I want to get my health together. I'm still not 100%. I'm not jumping off the risers just yet and to sing after a hernia surgery is a whole painstaking thing.”

Bravewords.com: Still you managed to get the Scorpions dates done.
Stephen Pearcy: “We had a great tour with them. We jammed with them the last night and it was very very cool. They are just the utmost professionals and hopefully they won't retire. There is chatter of doing more stuff, but I just want to finish up the Ratt stuff for now. There seems to be different agendas. I came back into the fold to take care of business first and foremost. I'm very happy with the new record (Infestation) and it's still selling very well. Carlos and I unleashed the first two singles ('Best Of Me' and 'Eat Me Up Alive').”

Bravewords.com: Let me ask you about the down side of Ratt. I don't want to get too negative, but your drummer, Bobby Blotzer, just released a book…
Stephen Pearcy: “Is that what you call it {laughs}?”

Bravewords.com: It's a 'collection of words' and some of things that were said in it… well, it might have been a good idea to wait until the band had broken up for good or maybe make sure you've out lived your band mates…
Stephen Pearcy: “I'll keep a lot of things to myself 'cause I don't need to give that book any more attention than it deserves. I've been working on something called 'Rat Tales' (which is still on the table) and lo and behold 'Tales of Rat by Bobby Blotzer' comes out. It's not too original, but anyways. There are some things that I find very misleading and he speaks for us on some things that are so far from the truth. He spent a lot of time out there devoted to his agenda and should have taken care of the Ratt agenda instead.”

To find out what's happening with Stephen visit: www.stephen-pearcy.com and www.topfuelrecords.com.
Read the full interview at: www.bravewords.com/news/144664.

August 19, 2010 1:25:31 PM UTC Post #1

Yeah, that certainly was a bummer of an interview from a Ratt perspective (you can read the whole thing at the Bravewords link). It sucks reading about the internal struggles and crap that goes on, especially after putting out such a great new cd. As fans, I guess we'll never know the full story, and I'm sure the issues with the band are complicated, but there certainly seems to be one primary trouble maker. I have to agree with Stephen, he needs to look out for himself....the man keeps busy and works his butt off.....IMHO it sure would be nice if all that effort was put towards Ratt, and was reciprocated by certain other member(s).

August 19, 2010 6:11:57 PM UTC Post #2

typical...but, what did we expect?

@Dr. Rock - IMO, it currently takes 3 people to screw up RATT. I have issues with the public behaviors of both Steve and Bob....but, whatever....they own the RATT business, so if they want to screw it up....that's their collective business. I just like the music that the fellas make together.

I am sure Juan continues to be happy with his decision to stay out of this hot mess.

Please....WAKE UP....this is truly the LAST CALL (great tune..btw!)

August 19, 2010 8:25:38 PM UTC Post #3

I don't think it's over. The unfinished business would be explaining to the rest of band that RATT is not over for Stephen and he will be taking a break from RATT to do his other projects. Hopefully the band will allow him to do this and not get stupid again and try to replace him because Stephen is RATT! There are some very successful singers doing the same thing right now, guys like Chad Gray, Cory Taylor, Jamie Jasta, Vince Neil, Bret Michaels and Miles Kennedy, just to name a few. You don't hear there bands mates bitchin' that there singing with other bands. I'm a huge RATT fan and I'm also a huge Stephen Pearcy fan. So, keep up the great work Stephen. Your other projects like Arcade and Vicious Delight have given' us some killer tunes.

The last thing I read about Juan is that he is broke and now playing in local bars in a cover band. That was so sad to read. That's what 25 year olds do when trying to make it in the business. Talk about taking a step back from the spot light. He must be kicking himself after he heard the Infestation record. Every one knows rock bands always have drama. There are guys that know how to get over it and some that don't. To bad you are not on this awesome Infestation ride with us. Thanks for the memories Juan.

August 19, 2010 11:34:51 PM UTC Post #4

Let's see...Juan still gets his cut from the back catalog sales and airplay. As long as RATT remains viable, Juan makes money from those increased catalog sales, airplay, and any other licensing.

August 20, 2010 12:41:55 AM UTC Post #5

Lets hope jsesprad is right and Stephen just wants to do his own thing for awhile. As successful as infestation has been I believe if they make another kick ass album in the next year and a half they will have enough momentum to really get back to the success they had in the mid 80's.

Whatever the problems are can be worked out...for the fans sake!

August 20, 2010 3:53:39 PM UTC Post #6

Stephen just wants to do his own thing for awhile?? wtf?? He barely returned to Ratt! Infestation came out only 4 months ago today! If they had been on the road for over a year doing a "World Tour" for Infestation (which was originally planned), I could see having the break, but this makes no sense. I for one do not want anymore Pearcy side projects. Other than the two Arcade cd's, most is terribly disappointing. I want more of the genuine article - RATT! Infestation proved that the guys still had it, came out to rave reviews and gave them a spot at #30 on Billboard.

I guess if Infestation was their swan song, so be it - Ratt 'n Roll was a great ride.

August 21, 2010 7:37:27 AM UTC Post #7

I don't think RATT will be over there will probably be a break by the sounds of it,so much for the big world tour, Bobby needs to stop talking bad about the band in the press, he is always talking money and putting his book out when the cd came out only helped his sales of the book, but he talked bad about the other band members almost like he is jealous. Bobby needs this band and the band needs each other to keep going, I am sure they would rather play to 10,000 rather than 1,000 fans. I don't see a problem with taking a small break till Xmas and start again in the new year but I sure hope this band is not over, they should be headling a tour they have been around for a long time and can make there own scheduale, tour a few weeks a month then do your own thing or spend time with the family and you don't see each other as much, Look Motley Crue can't stand each other but they tour in seperate buses but kick ass on stage take a lesson from them RATT.

August 22, 2010 4:32:39 PM UTC Post #8

Battering RAMM? Reminds me of Nitronic.

SEP - the solo stuff is a great ADDITION to the RATT music. But, RATT is what we really want. Infestation is a great album...but, please don't make it your swan song. With a masterpiece like Infestation, you could definitely take RATT back to the next level.....more fame than you have EVER had. Screw Motley Crue. ....please don't let them and Poison define 80s hard rock/glam metal.

Hope you guys can work out an arrangement where things do "fall into place".



August 22, 2010 10:57:49 PM UTC Post #9

The handwriting is on the wall. Read between the lines. These last few shows will probably be the last ever played by Stephen, Bobby and Warren together so let's enjoy it!!

It's been a great ride. Infestation was definitely the right way for Ratt to wrap things up. Great disc to put an exclamation point on a great band's career.

Thanks Ratt.

August 23, 2010 3:57:34 AM UTC Post #10

Geo Ratt I hope you are wrong, I think the same person has been the problem all along that being Bobby, it sounds to me like Stephen is wanting to get contract type stuff in order for himself and the band, I heard that Bobby was acting out on stage in California a few weeks back as well. it sucks because this line up is great, maybe they can get Juan back and get a different drummer instead.

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