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As the story goes, RATT helped pioneer Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene in the 1980's. Created by lead singer songwriter Stephen Pearcy 1982.

Pearcy regrouped with friend Robbin Crosby (also from San Diego) then changed the name of his band to RATT. The band rehearsed and played the clubs in and around L.A. for over a year.

They soon recorded and released their own six song E.P. RATT in 1983. Their single, "You Think Your Tough", (Pearcy/Crosby) the song became a staple on local L.A. radio stations KMET and KLOS. RATT EP sold well over 100,000 copies.
RATT was a headliner and selling out local shows. They found themselves opening a show for ZZ Top. The band was called back onstage. RATT was on a roll.

Signed to Atlantic Records in 1984 the bands debut album "Out of the Cellar" (Warren De Martini, Stephen Pearcy, Bobby Blotzer, Robbin Crosby and Juan Croucier) went over 3x Platinum in 1984 behind the hit single "Round & Round", "Back for More" and "Wanted Man". RATT would tour with Billy Squire and Ozzy Osbourne before going on to headline their own arena tours around the globe. World infestation had begun.

Since 1983 to present the band has sold in excess of (15) million records in the US alone. Their first (4) records went Platinum plus and the arenas concerts were selling out.

RATT released (2) records, Collage in 1997 and RATT 1999 before their latest "Infestation in 2010.
Also releasing the Best of CD Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt and their 3rd long form DVD, RATT Videos from the Cellar: The Atlantic Years.

This year 2013 Rhino/Warner Music Group recently released RATT "Original Album Series, a (5) album box set with the albums "Out of the Cellar' thru "Detonator" for the rabid RATT fans to have something to sink their teeth into.

RATT signed to RoandRunner/Loud & Proud for 2010 "Infestation" The band has been writing for their 10th studio record to be released in 2014, followed by a world tour.

“Our music is like it was in the beginning,” Pearcy says. “We're gonna celebrate (30) years later in 2014, with a new record and world tour keeping Ratt N’ Roll alive.”

When we play concerts now, such a new generation. We’re seeing kids of people who grew up with us, but the reaction is the same,” adds DeMartini. “It doesn’t seem to matter where we are in the world.”

With all surviving original members; Pearcy, De Martini, Croucier, Blotzer and Carlos Cavazo (replacing original member Robbin Crosby) back in the Ratt pack, the band will again start work on the new studio record 2014.

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robbinbird // January 29, 2011 6:08:43 PM UTC

@metalstandin: It was my understanding Torch refers to Warren.....a nickname of sorts, it is not nor ever was it the name of the band.....just my 2 cents.


RattFanJL // January 03, 2011 12:05:48 AM UTC

@metalstandin: 'Torch'? Nope! Can't says I have. Where and when was that?


metalstandin // January 01, 2011 11:49:25 PM UTC



Rattgirl14 // November 25, 2010 7:56:29 AM UTC

Oh man! You are so lucky! I wish I was at all those other shows. I also wish again that I was a teen in the 80's. They are like, the best years of everything! I also wish I could know the best singer alive!!!!! Don't worry, I like to type alot, too. I could go on forever!


RattFanJL // November 11, 2010 4:42:01 AM UTC

@Rattgirl14: I've been wanting to say this for weeks but life got in the way. I think it is so incredible and heartwarming that someone so young has fallen under the Ratt spell. As incredible as that is, I know it really doesn't matter how young or how old you are because it is the Ratt style and sound that gets us addicted. Also, I think it was so cool that your bros & dad were watching the DVD. Those old vids bring back memories of the good ole days. Believe it or not, Stephen Pearcy was in a few of my 10th grade classes at CHS in San Diego and sat next to me in math class. We still keep in touch now & then and I still stop by his old house to say hi to the family once in awhile. I was even able to visit him after they shot the 'Wanted Man' video. But the best part, seeing two Ratt shows already this year. The first was at Pechanga Resort in Temecula Ca. only ten days after the April 20th CD release show in Hollywood (which I missed). Then I saw them at the O.C. County Fair (Pacific Amphitheater) on Aug 1st. Both shows were awesome. I have the new T-Shirt too! I am just bummed I couldn't make the San Diego show here. Well, thanks for your wonderful and inspirational post. I could write a novel but I think you can relate. Take care and keep Rattn' –n- Rolln'! -JL


Rattgirl14 // October 23, 2010 8:10:43 PM UTC

Ratt rules! I found out about Ratt last year when I was 13 from my dad.
It was Sunday morning and my bros and dad are watching Atlantic Years Ratt music videos. I didn't know who you were until I watched the whole DVD. After I just fell in love with Ratt! I only knew you guys from the 80's & 90's vids. Also cuz I LOVE the 80's! I wish I was a teen in that era. Anywho, I wanted to find out more about Ratt and I did! I got the Atlantic years CD and finally went to my FIRST concert EVER!!! The concert was in Fresno, California, August 6,2010. I'm so glad it was Ratt's concert as my first. I got the Infestation shirt and CD and I wear the shirt all the time. I listen to Ratt everyday. I'm now a Rattaholic!
I LOVE you guys!!!


WJDCRZY // September 20, 2010 11:37:27 PM UTC

@RodIron: Sounds like a great show!! Unfortunately they didn't come anywhere near my hometown this tour. But I have to say that probably half the females you claim were swooning over Stephen were probably swooning over Warren, who's still smokin' hot after all these years!!!


RodIron // September 19, 2010 7:29:48 AM UTC

This weekend, Ratt Rolled into Springfield, Missouri for a concert of grand proportion. As the main attraction, the anticipation was building from the moment the two opening bands warmed up the crowd for what was to follow.
People, The magic is back! Ratt rocked the house and manhandled the crowd in a way that had fans crazy with excitement. Stephen Pearcy, like a fine wine, has only improved with age. It is an awesome experience to be in the presence of such a phenomenal stage performer! With firm and clear intent in his stare, his vocals soared with panache as he drove the crowd wild. His charisma combined with captivating stage presence had people urgently pressing forward through the crowd, if but only to get a closer look at the man responsible for combining steely heavy metal with sonic exultation. His perfectly unique voice, in all its intensity, is the most compelling aspect that solidifies the music as all their own. With Ratt-like flicks of the tongue, Pearcy had women everywhere swooning in their desire for The MAN. ...and even a few men as well... whoa!
Warren Demartini shredded the guitar all night long... quite literally even, as he shredded right through his strings at the latter portion of the show. One can never underestimate the connection that Warren has to the music that has been his hallmark. He feels the music on a very high level and he becomes one with it. His electric composition transliterates sonic and cosmic fusion into stunning and visceral chords of searing, metal-tinged reverberations that singe the molecular constitution of the air, the smoke and the lights.
Carlos shredded with skillful and earnest fervor. Bobby pummeled the drums and blistered the Paistes as he tore it up in a percussive rage! And Robbie pounded that bass to hell and back... and it was visibly apparent that he was having the time of his life doing it!
Ratt infused electricity sent shockwaves through the crowd and when it came to the encore, fast and furious chants of "RATT, RATT, RATT, RATT" sent the crowd into a wild frenzy, the like of which few had experienced before. As a forty something card carrying RattPack devotee, I for one, am thrilled to no end with the return of these metallic minstrels. It doesn't get any better than this!
One thing was so poignantly clear... the depth and passion that embodies their timeless music will never ever die! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you ...Ratt... metal musicians of the highest order.
You served us well gentlemen, and I promise you that Springfield, Missouri wants you back!


KARMAGUITARIST93 // September 02, 2010 1:07:12 AM UTC

I agree thanks for a great show in Atlantic City u guys never disapoint keep it coming RATT N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


johnboyslimo // August 16, 2010 12:20:39 AM UTC

Blotz, Robbie, Warren, Stephen and Carlos,
Thanks for a great show in ATLANTIC CITY. It was kick ass to say the least. When you guys are on stage you are like a "well oiled machine". The new songs are awesome. I will see you guys soon.

Blotz and Robbie-keep those items I gave u in your wallets!

Your friend in Scranton, Pa.

John Sobieski

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