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October 30, 2010 4:13:43 AM UTC Post #1

I listened to the lastest Pearcy interview and many previous ones and I keep hearing him say that Ratt has to take care of some business. What is he talking about. Perhaps getting rid of Blotzer. I really respect Pearcy as a singer He is very dynamic with his is song writing skills and without a question the tone of his voice to go along with warren's riffs has made Ratt one of the greatest bands of all time. The only thing that rubs me the wrong way about stephen is how little he talks about his fans. I wonder does He actually care about the fans. The major concern only seems to be about the business side of things for Ratt. Ratt always has been my favorite band but all this talk all the time about the business side of Ratt is really a downer to a fan. How and the hell do you walk away from a great record and cut a world tour short like this. There has to be more problems in this band than Bobby's stupid book. Why is it such a issue know. He released the book in april for crying out loud. I think what He did was wrong but to end a great thing because of this dosen't add up and I'm not buying it. All of this hype and huge world tour really got me fired up that Ratt could get back to the top. I feel like a fool for supporting this band for all these years. Ratt quit bending over your fans. Gang bang blotzter and get a new drummer if he is really the problem otherwise get off his back. Juan needs to come back for some added firer power.

November 02, 2010 3:09:08 AM UTC Post #1

I just saw SEP perform a solo show on Thursday in Delaware. He was GREAT to the fans. He talked a bit between songs including a story about the trek to come to the show (weather problems). He even came out for a meet & greet after the show. He signed everything that was put in front of him and took a break from signing to take a picture with me after my friend asked if he could do it then so that I could take her home! Very sweet and I'd say he definitely cares about his fans ... even if he doesn't talk about us during an interview!

I think he's an intelligent business man who understands that RATT is a business as well as an awesome band. My guess is he wants to make sure things are done right this time around!

BTW, if Stephen reads this (or someone who talks to Stephen does), THANKS for an awesome show at the Cube and for the autographs and picture!

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