Ratt Hair Metal band of the 80's we want you back.
August 27, 2010 12:23:00 PM UTC Post #1

See thats me. That pic I used for this post. That was taken just a year or so ago. Totally 80's all the way.. How can you say not with all them colors and my big curly hair. The kids from the 80's are dying.. We are dying for that sound no other band of today can do.. Screw the music of today bring us back home. Give us your sound we are dying to feel that feeling only you guys can do. Bring us back home again.. Lets us hear that sound. I love you guys. Plz come to Sac. Cali's 916. Give me back stage passes.Make your hair all big too. I'll do mine if you do yours.. Cool part is I never lost mine. Its still wild as hell. I'm forever stuck in the 80's RATT I LOVE ALL OF YOU.
There is not one 80's child that wouldn't just like totally spazz the fuck out if you guys came back and showed the world what real rock and roll is.. NO not come back just skipping along I mean RATT come back all the fucking way. Get your hair get your clothes make a new record with new songs and lets relive it lets just do it all over again.. The very first pin I bought to get stuck on my 80's jean jacket was a RATT pin. I got a twisted sister pen right after but my first pen was you guys. Come back we are so lost without you...

Na their time has past. It will never be the same.
What they are doing now is cool. Their not kids anymore.
Yes, Ratt we vote you come back & sport that 80's look & lets do it all over again.
80's look is so way out it will never come back and these bands don't have a chance against Justin Timberlake and that Justin Bever kid.
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August 28, 2010 10:47:35 PM UTC Post #1

Mizz Shady you could not be more right! The music of today is HORRIBLE! They just flat out don't know how to play for some reason!

Give us some of that kick ass RATT 'n ROLL!!!

August 29, 2010 3:44:48 PM UTC Post #2

i agree to i hate most of the new stuff 80's metal is the best

September 02, 2010 5:51:53 PM UTC Post #3

Wait a minute, you actually stuck a TWISTED SISTER pin on your jacket?!?!?!? lmao...Really? TS? Really????

I remember reading a Hit Parader article on TS back in the day. Dee Snider was talking about their guitarist, whatever the losers name was, saying he " LOVES AIR CONDITIONING SO MUCH WE ARE CALLING HIM MR.FREEZE NOW.."

Mr. Freeze...Remember, this was when break dancing was big. See the corelation? Sorry, but TS just pisses me off and I go off on tangents when someone mentions that band....

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