Robbin's Death Was A Hard Lesson
September 02, 2010 10:55:53 AM UTC Post #1

The chemistry created by each member is integral.
When the balance breaks, that gives many fans a sense of "Something isn't just right."

I felt that kind of sense when I picked up the album 'Dancing Undercover'.
As mentioned in another thread, I could officially meet the whole members at Budokan on DU tour.
When I met Robbin, I said through an interpreter " Warren plays solos a lot more but I want to listen to the twin guitar leads more." Then he gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

Robbin was loved by many. No doubt about it. The most famous metal critic in Japan, Masa Ito, said "Robbin is a really nice person. He's a leader behind the scene" when he took us, the winners of his contest, to the backstage. I believe Robbin was like a mediator when issues arose.
Why should a great guy like him have had to be pushed to the side and leave the band?
That's when the balance broke.
Robbin passed away on Jun. 6th in 2002.

The following is Bobby's statement appeared in BURRN! magazine from Japan.
Translation from Japanese is done by me and it's not perfect but I hope you understand.
(EDIT: Since I've found Bobby's comment originally posted in his site @ another site, I'll quote it replacing my translation from Japanese.)

"My Brother"
" Dear friends and lovers of the King:

It has been about 10 hours since we all lost one of the most kind hearted, the most compassionate, intelligent, talented, strong - - I mean fucking strong like I could never be - - humans to ever have the pleasure and to be lucky enough to have in our lives! I've been sitting here in the company of the people that I love tonight and we've been watching some videos of Robbin doing what he's always done best and that's kick ass live on stage!
We made such a mark together as friends and as a band, And, the fact that I have that for the rest of my life is like having a reason for being. And I thank Robbin and the rest of my Ratt band mates for from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to tell my family how much I love them and that I also love my friends as well. I want everyone to know one thing here, too.

Never once did any of us hear King complain about his situation... You have to understand something... The man was put through hell and never, ever bitched about it. I know that I'm the biggest whining pussy about things that aren't even a fraction of what he had to deal with, and that is what makes him the King of the world! I only wish he would have been able to use it like a decade before. There are so many touching stories that we have that are what the essence of who Robbin was. If you guys only knew. Out of all us guys in the band, Robbin was the most obliged to take care of the other guys' family and friends at shows. I can only dream of being on stage with him and the rest of us together again, because that's all it will ever be with him gone. As myself and my sons and my girl spent time with him on Christmas Eve, all I could do was think.... God.... please, make this go away. And looking at my bro lying there and still having so much class and dignity, I really felt humbled. But yet, so goddammed bummed. What could I do? How can I get the King back where he belongs? I was always too fucking scared to face the truth. I love Robbin so much. I will miss him, and I have missed him so much. Part of me, my family, and Rock n Roll left us today. The only peace I'm feeling right now is that he's out of the nightmare that has attacked him.
Peace and happiness to us all! Thank you King!"

(EDIT: After having read the whole comment, I felt Bobby is really an honest man coz he admits his weakness. Being honest sometimes or often hurt others and mostly not intentionally but unintentionally.)

After Robbin left and then Stephen left the band, Bobby kept RATT going along w/ Warren.
Bobby was in a well-known band while other members were not.
His knowledge about music business must've been an integral asset during the early era.
I've seen many bands live but Bobby's dynamic style impressed me the most.

All in all, the guys learned a hard lesson by losing their great friend, Robbin.
After meeting Stephen in '07, I really got to like him as much as I like Bobby. I thought he is a man who keeps his promise. All the ups and downs they've experienced can lead them to make reconciliation.
I truly believe in it.

Hey, even a person who bashed Bobby admitted he was nice to him/her.
Bobby (or someone in charge) took time to reply me w/ one line message when I sent one at his site in March or so this year. It seems the contact feature is no longer available.

This is one example of a fan. If you have encountered the members, could you share your stories?
There're enough negative comments about Bobby, I would appreciate if you could share positive ones.

Thank you so much for reading a long post.

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September 02, 2010 5:40:57 PM UTC Post #1

Hello to you in Japan my friend!!!

Regarding Bobby, alot of drummers used to tell me that he was/is a solid drummer with alot of talent. That being the "time keeper" of Ratt, he was/is integral to the sound of the band.

And without him, they wouldnt have the classic sound of Ratt. True or false? I think its up to each fan to decide.

Ive met Bobby and Warren once at Crossroads in San Bernardino back in the late nineties. It was after the concert and we (the fans) were lined up outside their bus waiting for autographs etc. When Bobby walked by, someone shouted at him " hey where the hell is Robbin at dude?" and he responded " ah hes strung out on some shit right now"....and kept walking by. Right to his truck and drove away. The fans were silent, and stayed that way til Warren came out. Warren proceeded to autograph everyones items and talk with the fans for awhile, then left. That was my only experience with meeting the band........

September 03, 2010 1:53:13 PM UTC Post #2

I met Blotzer on the Collage tour. he came out after the show and hung out and was very cool and down to earth with everybody. He even signed my collage album and ticket stub and told me thanks for coming to the show. I thought he seemed very humble and just happy to be there, this was in december of 1997.

September 03, 2010 4:32:11 PM UTC Post #3

I have met the guys in the band at different times, the first time was on the collage tour and I met Warren and Robbie both were great, then I met Stephen on his solo tour and was awesome we talked for quite a while and signed everything I brought, I then met Bobby and Warren when they were touring with Jizzy and they were both great but Jizzy was not very rude, I again on a solo tour met Stephen and he was great again seemed a little tiered but was great too all the fans and me. I have not had any issues with any of the guys in the band when I have met them, the only issues I have is the things I read in the press.

September 03, 2010 10:25:28 PM UTC Post #4

Hey - so I've been critical of the guys thought I would add this.

I met Bobby Blotzer in 1984. I worked for the hotel where RATT had spent an afternoon sleeping while on tour. They were headlining a show in Decatur, IL that night (this is tour was just prior to them touring with Billy Squier). Anyway, the other guys had already left for the show...but, Bob spent some extra time in the hotel lounge (wearing his white leather jumpsuit, which was V-cut down the center..pretty much to his waist (gotta love those 80s rock fashions!!)). Anyway, he and his two bodyguards (or babysitters??) needed a ride to the show. Bob was very nice to me, gave me an autograph, and made sure that I was able to get backstage....and watch the show from the side of the stage. It was a great experience for a 16yo kid from the middle of nowhere.

Other than seeing Round and Round on MTV (and how cool that video was at the time), this meeting with Bob cemented me as a RATT Kook for life. (sorry Bob, I'm blaming you for that too!! LOL)

Thanks for the memories guys. I really hope you have a big tour in 2011and beyond. You guys have the talent and momentum to really cement your place in rock and roll history. And, if not.....well...I think it is a huge mistake professionally.....but, in have to be happy. If you aren't happy doing RATT, then I guess it is better to go do something else . Life is too short to be miserable. Good luck in all your endeavors fellas!

...and remember...

I'll have my friends forever....we'll walk the sands of time. (RATT - 1985)

September 05, 2010 4:37:51 AM UTC Post #5

Thank you all, Nightfall31, Rob fray, ratt2001 and Seattle Ratt for sharing your encounter stories!

@Nightfall31, I feel sorry that you and other fans had a disappointing encounter w/ Bobby.
Robbin's condition seemed already bad in the late nineties. Imagine, having a buddy almost like a brother battling w/ illness which had no cure. I would go crazy and can't deal w/ the situation. If someone asked me a question on him, I would probably burst into tears so that just wanna avoid answering it.
When I got to talk w/ Stephen in '07 about Robbin, I actually cried and he told me to stop. Just being a fan make me cry talking about him, what would be like losing a real buddy? Some could stay w/ the loved one all the way but some just could not deal w/ the real tragic situation.

It's great to hear Warren treated you & other fans nicely. I've heard from the diehardest RATT fan that Warren usually keep giving autographs if time allows him to do.
However my encounter w/ him @ the backstage in '07 was not pleasant. He looked at me but didn't shake hands w/ me but he was really nice to this pretty girl whom I just met that day and got a ticket for her just in case she couldn't get into the venue due to her friend's misjudgement. You know I didn't want any diehard coming to the venue and not to get to see the show because her friend made a mistake.
Was I disappointed about not getting a handshake? Not really. After meeting the whole bands, I got to like Robbin more.
It's ironic coz Warren's playing got me into RATT in the first place. I realized that Robbin's metal oriented input and beatiful twin leads made really RATT. I told that to Stephen that day. I'm glad he brought back great roots into INFESTATION. I still like Warren, a guitar hero. His decision on choosing Carlos as a partner is superb!!!

BTW, are you also a member of Halford's Quorum? There're lots of funny dudes and I love reading their posts! I have to give warnings that thin-skinned ppl won't survive there!

@Rob fray, "down to earth" is what exactly is my impression on Bobby, even without the presence of media.

@ratt2001, Stephen was indeed awesome to me, too. It seems he got a lot nicer since he became a father.
He said during the concert in '07 that he thanks the fans coz they won't be in Japan w/o their support.
The venue was Yokohama Blitz probably hold about 1000 ppl.
Although all I said was hi, I also got impressions that Robbie is nice judging from the way he treated his guests.

@Seattle Ratt, that's a great encounter w/ Bobby story!

As a diehard Bobby fan, I'd like to share my Meet & Greet vid I mentioned before.
I was just a lurker on YouTube but I've decided to upload my vid to show how nice RATT members are!

Title: Encounter with Ratt

October 09, 2010 4:32:04 PM UTC Post #6

Neil Zlozower has recently interviewed Bobby. Neil explained how he ended up working with Ratt! Robbin bugged him so much asking him to listen to a cassette including songs on the EP. There're Part One to Part Three. This legendary photographer is a funny dude and you'll enjoy the vids!

October 09, 2010 6:54:25 PM UTC Post #7

I agree with Eternal Servant--It does appear that Robbin was a mediator. And there was a definite chemistry with him (and Juan) in the lineup. Unfortunately things do change, and I can't think of any better additions than Carlos and Robbie have been.

As for meeting members of the band--I had the opportunity to meet everyone except Bobby after a show in 2009. Warren was absolutely amazing--very humble and appreciative of his fans. Carlos and Robbie were great too. Stephen was, to put it bluntly very rude. No big deal--always figured he would be that way. Plus I realize these guys are human just like I am--we all have bad days, etc.

Anyway--I hope they can work through this Stephen/ Bobby thing and get back to touring and making music, which is what it's all about anyway!

October 13, 2010 5:04:09 AM UTC Post #8

@WJDCRZY: Thanks for sharing your encounter w/ RATT story!
I'm glad to know Warren treated you so nicely. As for Stephen, sorry about he was rude to you.
Like you said, he's human. One thing I'm sure of is he could have thrown me out of backstage right after the great show ('07) for asking why Robbin was made to a side guitarist but he didn't. I'm homely looking but he treated me fairly and quite surpised about the way he treated me.

When Warren came to Japan on a promotion tour for his solo album, he appeared on Masa Ito's show recorded live @ Minato Mirai Studio in Sogo Dept. Store in Yokohama. It was open for public and that was a great opportunity for fans to witness the guests close up.
On my way back to the train station, I saw Warren walking w/ his Japanese record company rep who earlier didn't pass him cool pics of him & Robbin together playing live @ Whiskey. The diehard fan I mentioned earlier in this thread gave them to me. I've decided to give them because I wanted him to remember good days w/ Robbin and dearly wished for the reunion.
Luckly I could talk w/ Warren while walking for a few minutes. I mentioned him that I lived in Austin, TX while Robbin was living in TX about the same time. Warren looked a bit surprised.
At the end, I told him that I wished for the reunion w/ the original members (Out Of The Cellar line-up).
He said he hope so w/ a smile.
Sadly in a magazine article a little bit after my encounter w/ Warren, he answers to a question that he doesn't have intention to reunite w/ Robbin. It was a total shock to me.

Warren's beautiful solo on You're In Love lured me to be a RATT fan first. But the beautiful twin guitar leads and the superb job done by the rest of the members on Round And Round struck millions of fans.
Have you guys watched the interview by Neil Zlozower yet? His story reveals how hard Robbin tried RATT to be recognized. His then girlfriend Tawny played a major role, too.
Since Robbin was a great guy, I think he was letting his little brother Warren gain guitar hero status, just like Malcom supports Angus from behind. However, Robbin was aware that ppl loved songs w/ harder edge more rather than bluesy stuff Warren was into.
Who could have a normal life after being stripped off what one worked so hard for all those years?
He was known as Gentle Giant. Do you think Gentle Giant would show his ego? I don't think so.

ANW, the success of INFESTATION proves the importance of twin guitar leads. Masa Ito himself mentions the importance of twin guitar leads in his liner notes for this album.
I agree that Carlos was the perfect guy for the current position. He was the member of the first hard rock band ever hit the No 1 on US chart. The songs he brought Eat Me Up Alive and Best Of Me & more prove his superb abilites.
Carlos should be treated as equally as the rest of the guys. Pls don't treat Carlos in a way Robbin was treated at the end. Although I haven't met Carlos, I met his brother Tony when he came to Japan as a member of Hurricane.
While Kelly Hansen fed up w/ being greeted by fans everywhere he went, Tony showed his appreciation to his fans.
I will always remember Tony's kindness.

As WJDCRZY mentions, RATT guys are human, just like everyone and we all have bad days.
If someone in the bands acts like an asshole sometimes, other members treat fans nicely and covering each other.
Band is a unit. Harmony is the importance.

In order to carry on the legacy of RATT in a peaceful way, discussing about Robbin is inevitable.
Without him, this band wouldn't have gained the fame. Same could be said for the rest of the guys.

Thank you so much for reading long posts. If anybody has encounter stories esp. w/ Robbin and his Texas days, could you share them?

Media often exaggerate and twist. That's why I want to know fans' stories hoping they tell them honestly.
Thanks in advance.

October 14, 2010 5:02:20 PM UTC Post #9

RIP King!

nice posts Eternal Servant...

October 17, 2010 3:34:30 AM UTC Post #10

Thanks, SeattleRATT for your kind words!

RATT performed for LOUD PARK on Saturday! I missed first couple of songs due to fatigues from traveling to Nagoya by long bus rides to catch HALFORD show on Friday.
I met a woman who got into metal first through RATT like me.
By walking in high heeled shoes all day there, my feet were killing me so badly and almost made me give up catching RATT but I just couldn't miss it!!!!!!

Stephen's voices were excellent! He emits an aura of true entertainer!
As for the rest of the guys, they've been in this business for so long and knows how to deliver superb shows!
Carlos does fit right in!!! Twin leads rule!!
Bobby's playing is really powerful!!! He gotta be the drummer for this band, no other!!!!
I think Eat Me Up Alive was played real faster it may not be planned that way but I loved it!
Nowadays RATT shows are held in smaller venues but today's show proved that they can play arena gigs well.
Since it's a festival and the crowds are mixed fans of different bands, reactions may seem a bit quiet but diehards were seen scattered everywhere.
I noticed Stephen often went close to Bobby. That was a nice gesture.

The songs I could catch were the followings.

Wanted Man
Back For More
Nobody Rides For Free
Lack Of Communication
You're In Love
Lay It Down
Best Of Me
Eat Me Up Alive
Round And Round

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