Robbin's Death Was A Hard Lesson
February 10, 2011 11:54:55 AM UTC Post #21

WJDCRZY, thanks again for your kind words! I'm glad that you watched my vid and appreciate you for taking time for it. My stories are pretty much told in this thread and they're all true.

I wish there are Japanese fans who don't mind telling their stories about encountering RATT, especially Robbin fans.
Although I often cried when I think of him, listened to his last solo recorded at Juan's studio, reading about his last days, I cannot imagine the deep sadness they must've felt when they knew the passing of Robbin. :(

BTW, this is a link to a very nice interview with Bobby. The interviewer himself is a drummer so that he knows sh*t. LOL
Bobby talks about several projects he's working on!

For those on Twitter, why don't you follow Bobby? He's planning to give away his sticks when he gets lots of followers!

Hey Bobby, I must've had to put priorities on going to LOUD PARK & HALFORD shows over your book, but of course I'm
going to buy it for sure. Until then, I just wanted to show my appreciation for your kindness by telling my encounter stories w/ you.

February 10, 2011 4:33:41 PM UTC Post #22

Bobby is my fave rock drummer. No doubt about it. As for Robbin, he was the king and probably it's true that he was the moderator inside the band. Thanks for sharing this great stories.

May 05, 2011 6:36:50 AM UTC Post #23

Thanks, Is-domino65 for taking your time to read and post in this thread! I'm glad to know Bobby is your fave drummer.
I've noticed that your joined date is about the time Internet was invented?

If anybody has Robbin related stories to share, I'll appreciate it in advance.

Robbin is gone but problems he was concerned still exist and it's so sad. Be peaceful, dudes in Ratt!!!!

May 07, 2011 12:41:27 PM UTC Post #24

Wow, when I first read this thread dedicated to Robbin I thought it was a new thread but then I saw on the first page that the posts are from last year!

Eternal Servant, Konichiwa! It's always nice to hear from Japanese fans. I hear RATT is still pretty big in Japan and they're bigger in Japan than even in America! Is that what all you guys think too?

It's great to see that all you guys have had mostly all positive stories about meeting the band. I'm surprised so many here have positive stories about meeting Blotzer because in another thread people complained about what an A-hole he was and how he didn't even CARE to meet fans at the meetups! I've GOT to meet Stephen and any of the rest whatever they do the next chance I get!

Eternal Servant, what do you mean by Robbin's Texas days? What happened in Texas back then? The 80s I assume you mean?

And last but not least, RIP to the KING Robbin Crosby. He had a HUGE part in their initial success with all the great songs on Out of the Celler, Invasion,, Dancing, etc. He had a rock star LOOK more than any other member!

Let's all drink a TALL cool one in memory of the KING!!

May 08, 2011 5:51:58 AM UTC Post #25

Thanks, BigRATTfan for taking your time to comment. I hope you meet the members someday. They are human and there'll be good days and bad days but I hope it'll be a good meeting.

Someone mentioned that the company which handled meet & greet made an announcement that Bobby won't be there.
It's not fair to blame him not being there since it was announced beforehand.

Robbin's effort, contributions including his then-girlfriend Tawny Kitaen's appearance in promotion vids, helped RATT to be loved even today.
I wouldn't say RATT is bigger in Japan than in the US coz the population of Japan is about one third of US
but hard rock fans in Japan seems really waited patiently the release of INFESTATION since the debut in chart was high.

As for Robbin in TX, he lived in El Paso? TX after he left RATT in early 90's. I remember reading Robbin was helping a rock radio station, ZRock.
Around that time, internet wasn't widely available so that it was hard to get info.
For diehard Robbin fans, it brings tears to talk about him even now, I believe. I cannot fathom their sense of loss.
They probably won't even come around here. If they do, I hope they share their stories.

PPL blame him for using drugs but what caused him to escape in drugs?
If this band was run peacefully, he must be living here today.
Here is a link to his father's site. I hope he and his family members are well.

If their friend's death doesn't teach them lessons, what would? It's never too late to make peace.

May 09, 2011 4:46:11 PM UTC Post #26

Eternal Servant, I think Infestation debuted at #5 in Japan but #30 in America so in that sense RATT is bigger in Japan!

I never knew Robbin lived in El Paso, Texas. You know WHY there?? I know he's from around the Sand Diego area so I thought he went back there after he left RATT.

I know he coached little league baseball for a while after he left RATT. Obviously you know all about baseball being from Japan! He was also in and out of the hospital for a back problem even before he got AIDS.

I don't think the other band members had much to do with why Robbin died. Other bands had members have had even much worse tension that RATT had yet they didn't die.

Unfortunately Robbin just had a very bad addiction to heroin and he couldn't kick the habit. But what was REALLY unfortunate was Robbin got a dirty needle somehow. Look at Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. He was a HUGE heroin addict too and his heart even stopped and he was clinically DEAD!! Yet he was brought back by medics and he never got a dirty needle but unfortunately Robbin did.

Do any of you know HOW Robbin got a dirty needle? If he got the same needles Nikki did then the King would be alive today!

May 10, 2011 6:52:22 AM UTC Post #27

Robbin was called "Gentle Giant". Gentle caring ppl get hurt rather than hurting others who tend to survive in rough situations.
What matter is what kind of situations made him be dependent on drugs.

BigRATTfan, I appreciate you if you carefully read what happened to Robbin after he left RATT.
It seems you haven't read the story from part1~part6.

May 10, 2011 8:27:17 PM UTC Post #28

A few quick stories on meeting the guys in Ratt. Nothing too good like the stories here. I just wanted to share a few moments and thoughts.....

I talked to Corabi in Baltimore in '07 after a show for quite a while. The guy was absolutely cool as hell to talk to.

I've must of spoken to Robbie Crane four or five times. He's always been very cool to talk to. I spoke with him in Denver '09 (which by the way was easily the best Ratt show I've seen out of my 25). I was on a work trip to the west coast and actually was able to schedule my trip around the tour. I was lucky enough to see them in Vegas, Denver and Cleveland. I told Robbie this and he just had a big grin on his face and said "Now that's what I'm talking about!".

I've met Warren three or four times now, the first being at the Hard Rock in Baltimore. He was very laid back, humble and very cool to me. Every time I've met Warren he comes across as being a little distant and not very engaging to me, but he's always been very nice. A couple of my friends have had great converstations ranging from his musical tastes to the Roadrunner label.

I've only met Blotz once and he was very, very cool to me. It was during a meet and greet during the last tour. I told him that I've seen the band a ton of times and met pretty much everyone but him. He asked me to step aside and talk to him for a while. I did for a little bit, but unfortunately, I felt pretty ackward keeping people held up and line and more or less just excused myself and walked away. Hating myself now for it.

Pearcy... the guy is a character. I've met him probably a half a dozen times or more by now. Every single time, the guy has been cool as shit. He's always been extremely cool about pictures, signing autographs, talking to you, what ever. The last time after a show in Wendover, UT (Another work trip I slid in), he looks at me and says, "Dude, you look familiar." My response "I hope so by now."

Anyway, I've never had anything but great expierences with all the guys. I would really love to have the opportunity to talk to the guys longer as most of you have. I've got about a 1000 questions for them.

May 14, 2011 2:34:59 AM UTC Post #29

Thanks, Giveitall for sharing your nice stories! I'm glad to know your encounters with the members were positive ones.
IMO, you did the right thing not to make other fans wait when you met Bobby. If you had kept on talking w/ him, they would have bit?hed at you. lol If you have tons of questions, you should submit them to Bobby at his site.

Many of you've already read Juan's interview for Robbin's tribute site. For those who haven't, it's a must read for fans who claim to be "diehard" Ratt fans.

This is what you get without the presence of Robbin.
Good show but incomplete w/o him.

I happened to have found a blog by a Japanese Robbin fan. She showed her respect & love for KING on June 6th.
A couple of replies said they need to bring towels to wipe their tears at the shows coz tears would run like a flood.

June 06, 2011 4:25:47 PM UTC Post #30

It's June 6th in the US. Robbin passed away 9 years ago.

Thank you, Robbin! \m/

Here is a vid of an interview with Robbin & Bobby recorded in 1985.

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