Stephen talks about RATT, Bobby & future plans
November 02, 2010 11:36:44 PM UTC Post #11

@Scott43 - Please let me be clear. By expressing my impressions of the situation, I am not trying to be critical of Stephen or any of the guys. If anything, I actually have been harsh on Bob on this board regarding the timing of the book. I am surprised that my login still works! It is cool that the band allows everyone to post their opinions here without censoring, etc.

I'm just saying, this appears to be the same old issue.... a longstanding one which has never been addressed to all three band members' satisfaction. Read what Stephen says about control, and being comfortable with his legacy.

So, maybe we have a parting gift......Infestation. We'll see. Then again, they might just finally get everything settled. That would be hella kewl

Option 2 has my vote.......but, I don't get to vote here. So, we wait and see...

Seattle out...

In 1992 - It was time to Detonate
In 2000, RATT went Over the Edge
In 2010, RATT has been Eat'n Up Alive >>>>>>>> EAT ME!! :-p

November 03, 2010 12:25:44 AM UTC Post #12

this is stupid RATT puts out a amazing record (Infestation) then does like a 5 month tour which is cool and all but there quitting again. Many bands dont get this shot they get and i think there blowing it. The egos are way to high and pretty much they act like there teenagers which there not and need to grow up why stop now when you could have years of success ahead of you

November 03, 2010 1:33:53 PM UTC Post #13

don't want to put down Stephen in anyway. Ratt is no Ratt without him that's for sure, but he can't quit right now just after have release such a record and just before Grammy nominees!

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