June 08, 2010 2:01:00 AM UTC Post #1

Get better Stephen! Hope to see you back real soon!

June 09, 2010 2:54:19 PM UTC Post #1

Hoping you have a speedy recovery

RATT-N-ROLL Fellow Rodents

Scott in OKC

June 09, 2010 11:32:34 PM UTC Post #2

If there is some sort of webmaster or someone within the band's management on this site with a direct contact, perhaps we could put together some sort of "Get well,Stephen" which one of the more gifted writers from this site writes a nice collective message from all of "Ratt nation" and then everyone can add a short message as needed to give directly to Stephen. Does this seem like a good idea? Anyone know of an outlet who could get this to "the right people"? I'll make a new thread for this notion.

June 12, 2010 12:36:36 AM UTC Post #3


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