True to FORM
April 20, 2010 10:00:00 AM UTC Post #1

I cant tell you how happy I am with the new album. Finally a band from the greatest genre on earth throwing out an album that they actually promised they would. Its so simple; put out a product that fans enjoy that has the same or similar sound that made us enjoy you in the first place! AC/DC has known this formula for 30+ years and look at their success. This new album is right there with 'Dancin'....' and 'Reach...' in my opinion. It's catchy, got great crunch on the guitars, lyrically KILLER. I already have my buddy quoted as saying "I'm gonna listen to this thing all summer." If THAT doesn't sound like a quote coming from '87 being all pumped over a new RATT release I don't know what does! As you can tell I'm a huge fan, hence the R logo tattooed on my back (with my last name initials under it). I crank RATT in the gym maybe more than any other band. Their music fits a positive lifestyle of fun and acting generally pumped on what you got. I'm so pleased by the boys this time around I'm floored. Great job, great album. #1 Santa Cruz, CA Firefighter RATT FAN.

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