What do you think of "Eat Me Up Alive"?
April 08, 2010 6:12:59 PM UTC Post #11


=Rock_Chick83 said:I can't wait for 4/20 ! I ordered the release from RR and also the special edition from Itunes. I am just sad that I will be out of town when they play here at the Cubby Bear... It is great that they are back in a BIG way! I have only heard 2 songs, and seen the video for Best of Me...And the anticipation is killing me! And @Guitarist est. 1971 we think alike, you just put it in better format!

That's weird that you mentioned the Cubby Bear, because I'm really wanting to go to that show, so my wife and I can attend the meet and greet. She likes Stephen Pearcy the most (go figure) and I've already made it clear I'm a huge Warren fan. Still, that's about an eight or nine hour drive from Arkansas, and I'm not even sure if my wife will agree to go. I haven't brought it up yet, because there's been so much stuff going on in our lives lately.

As for putting things in a better format, I used to be a newspaper editor and worked in the journalism field more than 10 years. It's kind of a curse, because I have trouble writing anything without it sounding too professional and/or nerdy. For example, I could be thinking something along the lines of "Warren DeMartini is f***ing awesome," but I'll end up typing something like "The fluidity of Warren DeMartini's playing on 'Infestation' is refreshing in a day and age of Pro Tools-enhanced chop-shop rock."

See what I mean. LOL

April 08, 2010 8:19:33 PM UTC Post #12

@Guitarist est. 1971: Now I understand where you are coming from! Me, I would just say, F*****g Awesome! LOL! Please keep the comments coming, I like the way you write!

April 08, 2010 10:25:40 PM UTC Post #13

Sounds like Old school Ratt! I like "Eat me up alive" more than "Best of me" only because it has that Ratt-N-Roll feel to it, awesome Solo by War in D. I also preordered the cd from RR with the autographed edition, cant wait till Apr 20th! I truly think this we be a good selling cd from ratt especially if it gets any radio play at all.

April 09, 2010 4:09:38 AM UTC Post #14

Freaking Awesome! I think it's 100 times better than Best of Me.

I'm so stoked for the the new music and tour!!! July 23 in Dallas baby!

April 09, 2010 12:13:35 PM UTC Post #15

July 25th [CONFIRMED] Oklahoma City Zoo Ampitheatre

RATT-N-ROLL fellow Rodents

Scott in OKC

RATT-N-ROLL Fellow Rodents

Scott in OKC

April 13, 2010 7:42:19 PM UTC Post #16

Great song....classic Ratt sound. Period.

April 22, 2010 12:45:36 AM UTC Post #17

Ummm... It's awesome!

So far my top 3 are: Eat Me, Last Call, Best of Me...

March 03, 2013 9:52:09 PM UTC Post #18

Best song on Infestation

September 04, 2013 10:30:50 PM UTC Post #19

I hated it at first then saw it live on youtube and now it is one of my favorite songs.

October 04, 2013 2:18:12 AM UTC Post #20

Looking forward to the new Ratt cd next year but you gotta admit this is the best Cd by Ratt in years! My fav on it is "good as it gets" and I think they should have put out "last call' on the radio...More people would have got into it...especially the younger crowd.

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