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    MuTT said about RATT "Infestation" 2010

    This album KICKS SOME SERIOUS RATTASS!!! Right fucking on guys, this album is definitely one of your best in my eyes, NO WAIT, I mean in ...
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    gonzo62 said about RATT "Infestation" 2010

    This album is fantastic! Should have been released as a double studio record with "Out of The Cellar". Took me back to 1984-partying befo...
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    BWEB said about Ratt and Roll 8191

    First album i ever picked up. "Nobody Rides for Free"is Awesome. Great Album all around.
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    quilico said about Ratt [EP]

    @VAINIAC: Hi! You have the european version of the EP. The first european pressings included that early version of "You're In Trouble". O...
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    VAINIAC said about Ratt [EP]

    Bought this in 1984 on red vinyl and it's got an awsome version of 'You're In Trouble' on it! I still have it, but I've never ever seen ...