Ratt 'n' Roll
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Dude seriously Ratt is a KILLER BAND

Crue still has alot of Cred. At one time they were THE joke. All of the Seatt...
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Ratt Invasion of Privacy Tour '85

Does anyone know who opened the 8/2/85 show in AZ at Compton Terrace? I thoug...
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on June 08, 2013 4:25:53 AM UTC

Robbin's Death Was A Hard Lesson

The chemistry created by each member is integral.
 When the balance break...
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on June 05, 2013 5:09:33 PM UTC

met stephen pearcy

Finally met the man yesterday at bookends in ridge wood nj . Nice guy to this...
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The Shakeman Show

Hey how are you? Huge Ratt fan I have an Internet Radio on wednesday nights o...
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Pearcy confirms Juan is back

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on February 09, 2013 4:30:21 PM UTC

Does anyone remember a guitarist named Paul who was in the band when they were starting out.

A friend says he was in Ratt and was asked to leave after being paid a large ...
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"Out of the Cellar" - Fully Autographed

If anyone is interested, I'm selling off my teenage relics. In the summer of ...
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on July 14, 2012 5:46:12 PM UTC

Ratt tribute bands

I know Stephen and Warren (and probably Carlos too) are all writing new mater...
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on May 05, 2012 4:55:36 PM UTC

Rudy Sarzo new RATT bassist

Has anybody else heard this? I think its a perfect fit if it is true.
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on April 25, 2012 2:02:08 AM UTC


First of all good luck to Robbie. I loved what he did and on top of that how ...
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on April 24, 2012 5:19:20 PM UTC

Robbie Crane "Calls It A Day"

I'll miss seeing you in Ratt Robbie. Good luck with all your future endeavors.
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on April 05, 2012 3:41:22 AM UTC