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    A few quick stories on meeting the guys in Ratt. Nothing too good like the stories here. I just wanted to share a few moments and thoughts.....

    I talked to Corabi in Baltimore in '07 after a show for quite a while. The guy was absolutely cool as hell to talk to.

    I've must of spoken to Robbie Crane four or five times. He's always been very cool to talk to. I spoke with him in Denver '09 (which by the way was easily the best Ratt show I've seen out of my 25). I was on a work trip to the west coast and actually was able to schedule my trip around the tour. I was lucky enough to see them in Vegas, Denver and Cleveland. I told Robbie this and he just had a big grin on his face and said "Now that's what I'm talking about!".

    I've met Warren three or four times now, the first being at the Hard Rock in Baltimore. He was very laid back, humble and very cool to me. Every time I've met Warren he comes across as being a little distant and not very engaging to me, but he's always been very nice. A couple of my friends have had great converstations ranging from his musical tastes to the Roadrunner label.

    I've only met Blotz once and he was very, very cool to me. It was during a meet and greet during the last tour. I told him that I've seen the band a ton of times and met pretty much everyone but him. He asked me to step aside and talk to him for a while. I did for a little bit, but unfortunately, I felt pretty ackward keeping people held up and line and more or less just excused myself and walked away. Hating myself now for it.

    Pearcy... the guy is a character. I've met him probably a half a dozen times or more by now. Every single time, the guy has been cool as shit. He's always been extremely cool about pictures, signing autographs, talking to you, what ever. The last time after a show in Wendover, UT (Another work trip I slid in), he looks at me and says, "Dude, you look familiar." My response "I hope so by now."

    Anyway, I've never had anything but great expierences with all the guys. I would really love to have the opportunity to talk to the guys longer as most of you have. I've got about a 1000 questions for them.

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