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  • » From "Ratt in Springfield MO." // January 23, 2011 4:45:14 PM UTC

    =BigRATTfan said:Cool photos Momilkman! You got to meet the band! Awesome! Stepen looks a little strange in the pic. He's on the far right correct? Maybe he's just tired after a long concert.

    On the far left is that Warren holding the red cup or who is that?? Doesn't look quite like Warren.

    Can't wait till they tour again since I missed them the last time.

    Yea, Pearcy is far right. I had my 50mm lens on (smallest I had because it fit in my pocket) and I obviously had someone else take that shot in a VERY small room. He didn't get it focused so it's a little blurry. Sorry. None the less, I was still glad to get a pic with one of the best frontmen of all time.

    No, that isn't Warren. He was supposed to make it to the Meet and Greet but we were told he had some family issues (or something) to take care of. And Blotzer (from what I have heard) has bailed on every Meet and Greet they have because he is just too important to meet his fans.

    Good times. Won't ever forget that.

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