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    This weekend, Ratt Rolled into Springfield, Missouri for a concert of grand proportion. As the main attraction, the anticipation was building from the moment the two opening bands warmed up the crowd for what was to follow.
    People, The magic is back! Ratt rocked the house and manhandled the crowd in a way that had fans crazy with excitement. Stephen Pearcy, like a fine wine, has only improved with age. It is an awesome experience to be in the presence of such a phenomenal stage performer! With firm and clear intent in his stare, his vocals soared with panache as he drove the crowd wild. His charisma combined with captivating stage presence had people urgently pressing forward through the crowd, if but only to get a closer look at the man responsible for combining steely heavy metal with sonic exultation. His perfectly unique voice, in all its intensity, is the most compelling aspect that solidifies the music as all their own. With Ratt-like flicks of the tongue, Pearcy had women everywhere swooning in their desire for The MAN. ...and even a few men as well... whoa!
    Warren Demartini shredded the guitar all night long... quite literally even, as he shredded right through his strings at the latter portion of the show. One can never underestimate the connection that Warren has to the music that has been his hallmark. He feels the music on a very high level and he becomes one with it. His electric composition transliterates sonic and cosmic fusion into stunning and visceral chords of searing, metal-tinged reverberations that singe the molecular constitution of the air, the smoke and the lights.
    Carlos shredded with skillful and earnest fervor. Bobby pummeled the drums and blistered the Paistes as he tore it up in a percussive rage! And Robbie pounded that bass to hell and back... and it was visibly apparent that he was having the time of his life doing it!
    Ratt infused electricity sent shockwaves through the crowd and when it came to the encore, fast and furious chants of "RATT, RATT, RATT, RATT" sent the crowd into a wild frenzy, the like of which few had experienced before. As a forty something card carrying RattPack devotee, I for one, am thrilled to no end with the return of these metallic minstrels. It doesn't get any better than this!
    One thing was so poignantly clear... the depth and passion that embodies their timeless music will never ever die! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you ...Ratt... metal musicians of the highest order.
    You served us well gentlemen, and I promise you that Springfield, Missouri wants you back!

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