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    I met Botz one time at a bar on the Colorado river. I am sitting across the bar and he asked me, where did you see Dokken at, since I had the tour tee shirt on. I said the Galaxy in Santa Ana, he said, I played the drums for a couple of the songs at that show, I knew this because I was at the show but I wasn’t going to bother him until he started a conversation with me. So I walked around the bar to introduce myself and he wouldn't even turn around to shake my hand for about a minute or so. He finally turned around and shook my hand and I asked him if Ratt was getting back together, this was before the collage album and he said yeah. Since I got the cold treatment, I said, nice meeting you and went back to my buddies to continue the partying. If I saw the whole band walking down the street I might introduce myself to everyone except him!! A TOTAL JACKASS!

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