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  • » From "Classic RATT 1983-1991" // November 20, 2010 3:46:43 AM UTC

    In 1984 me and my friend Ted skipped school just so we could go hang out around the arena we were to see RATT in later that night.

    We got to meet all of the original band members before the show while they were going in and out of the place and the one thing I never forgot was how incredibly cool and nice they all were to us. We told them we were in a metal band together and they were very cool and supportive of our dream.

    I've not seen Ted in over twenty five years, but at 41 I'm still recording and performing to this day. I'd like to think that day had something to do with it.

    When you're young, nothing terminates your love of being a musician faster than meeting your musical heroes and having them turn out to be jerks.

    Thanks for being so cool to us that day guys. I'll always appreciate it.

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