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    A new friend of mine who's been your fan from the beginning jump-started the memory banks of my so-called brain!! I guess I got hung up on grunge first and then the new rock. I kept sayin to my buddies this new music style is o.k.. I guess i like it. I didn't really "FEEL" it. Not much of it MOVED me. Then I met Arthur and he was real into 80''s rock. It was such a pure thrill to go down memory lane listening to all his his kick ass 80's rock. I TRULY HAD FORGOTTEN HOW MUCH I USED BE COMPLETLEY CONSUMED WITH ALL THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL AND METAL OF OUR GENERATION. Class of 82"'! I was a bit unset w/myself for having abandoned the bands and musicicans of my youth. I was brainwashed by psuedo rock/grunge and ended up trying country on for size. Then I really swayed and ended up a TEXAS/Country music listener out of sheer bordome.. TO THINE OWN HEART I wBETRAYED! SO WELCOME ROCKIN R

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