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    Well, I like Infestation, but wanted it to have more of a garage-metal sound like the EP, and to an extent, Out of the Cellar. Bring back the New Wave of British Heavy Metal-inspired riffing. The new record sounded very AC/DC-ish to me. When you hear Warren' first chord in "Back for More," it is very resonant; the soundscape of "Out of the Cellar" is quite a bit more dynamic than "Infestation," which sounds kind of brick-walled (look the term up if you don't know what I'm talking about). The instruments sound too close together, wheras "Out of the Cellar" has a better ambiance overall. Everything sounds bigger, and all the instruments have more breathing-room, compared to "infestation." It sounds like all the instruments are too close to each other, in a way.

    When I think of Ratt the first albums that come to mind are Cellar and Invasion.

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