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    @RATTnJETS: To clairify.... "The Marshall sound" and "wall of sound" are two completely different issues... but it makes sendce that they might tend to often happen together.

    As I said, when i saw RATT at the beginning of their OOTC tour, while still an opening act, their sound was amazing. It really DID sound just like the record--all from their amps/drums/mic live on stage.

    But when I saw them on the IOYP tour, headlining, the sound was so bad that, even though I KNEW all their songs, I had trouble figuring out what was even being played... it took about 1/3 of each song before I could hear something that sounded remotely familier. It was just a bunch of garbled booming bass with illegible screaming over top. That is inexcusible.

    Interestingly, when they sounded great early in their OOTC tour, they were using Laney amps. I think they later switched to Marshalls (probably due to the cash Marshall pays artists--as happens often!). That is probably a real contributing factor to them losing their unique and special guitar sound? But this alone wasn't the cause of those other problem, or of the 'wall of sound' issues.

    I think your description of arena sound complexities hit the mark--combined with them (perhaps!!!???) being too drugged up and too into finding which girl to take on the bus with them after the show--too much of those to care about sound.

    But what I'd give to be back in time in front of them at the beginning when they sounded the best--with the original lineup!

    As I said, the "wall of sound" is a different issue. They could have done everything the same with the studio recordings of OOTC and IOYP, except switched to marshalls, and this "wall of sound" wouldn't have happened. But true, bands feel a need to get the studio engineers to layer upon layer stuff that can't be reproduced live to get a "bigger" sound. I think/hope we are seeing a backlash against that. This helps less talented bands. But Ratt's two guitarists are too tallented to need that help.. if only they'd write the next album from the ground up for two guitars with a lot of innovative interwoven riffs... that could make for their best album ever (with or without Pearcy!)

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