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    What a show! Ratt not only rocked, but they ROLLED.... 2 years ago my buddy and I made the trip from Minneapolis to the Surf club see Cinderfrikkenrella and I realized back then this was a great venue to see Bands... So anyway I had the opportunity to see Ratt in Sacramento 3 years ago...I was shocked and stunned....they OUTPLAY'ed the Scorp's...It was the 1st time I had ever seen Ratt since they was a band I just never got to see during the 80's...I will say last night it was refreshing to see the repore between Stephen and Bobby...with all of the stuff that has happened I just thought the whole band gave it all they had...Jaun sounded great backing up...He was giving it all and the crowd soaked it up... and what about Carlos? What a fantastic addition to replace Crosby....he's a mini Randy Rhoads. He sounded great...but the highlight had to be the stellar playing from the mainstay of Ratt...Warren DeMartini...this guy is the most underated guitarist of the 80's...better than Vinnie from White Lion who was sick and Warren could also could crush Sabo and Bolin from Skid row... along with the majority of all the rockers from that time...what a pleasure to see 5 guys give their heart out...Ratt rocks and Ratt Rolls.....I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to see history...time rolls on........

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