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    I first heard Round and Round senior year in high school. Once I heard the song I was hooked!

    Ratt music has everything and that is why their music lives on!
    Vocals - I love Stephen's raspy vocals. I have all of his solo and other projects also.
    Catchy Songs and Lyrics
    Screamin' Guitars
    Drums - Even someone with no rhythm can find the beat.

    In high school none of my friends liked Ratt's music. I either had to get new friends or convert them. I thought I'd try converting them since we had been friends since 4th grade.

    My secret weapon - My Car! I was the only one with a car in high school and I drove us everywhere. I took that opportunity to play Out of the Cellar and the EP in the car. They complained in the beginning but I succeeded in converting them all.

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