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  • » From "Ratt Fresno" // August 08, 2010 8:19:04 AM UTC

    Well I to was at the Ratt show last night, my fourth time seeing the boys and the last time was in 1987 at Selland Arena with Poison. I thought the show was great and the sound was good, I can't really say that I am a Blotzer fan but I am a Ratt fan and Bobby Blotzer is part of Ratt, I'm one of those fans that can't stand it when the originals are not with the band, however there is a difference when you have new members due to death compared to just not wanting to be there. Rest in peace Robin we all miss you and I know you haven't missed a show. Now back to Blotz, I honestly could care less about his little timper tantrum and I don't care if he wants to meet us fans, I did the meet and greet last night and he was the only member who did not participate and not one of his bandmates had anything bad to say, they did all seem a little distracted by the fact that their bus had been broken into, leave it up to good old Fresno to give them something to remember us by, but they caught the guy and I could tell they all just wanted to know if all their stuff was accounted for.

    With that being said I think it was very cool of Stephen, Warren, Robby, and Carlos to do the meet and greet. I would have loved to have got to meet Blotz but hopefully there will be a day, it seems consistant that he does not do most of the meet and greets and my experience was not any less enjoy able with not meeting him to be honest I didn't even realize I didn't get to meet him until we where walking to the car. I chalk it up as Blotz had a bad night and all of us are in titled to have a bad day. The wrist band people, what was that all about anyways, why did you have a wrist band, Ratts security only wanted the Meet and greet passes and 105.1 the blaze radio station grand prize winner and even they didn't get to do the whole meet and greet thing, so to be honest I don't understand what the wrist band thing was all about, and if you wanted to meet Ratt you should have paid the extra $100.00 bucks the rest of us did, I am actually happy they didn't let people who didn't have to pay the extra enjoy the moment, nothing was stopping anyone from waiting out by their bus, when we walked out there was like maybe 10 people waiting out by the bus and I bet they all got lucky, but I just didn't understand the whole wrist band thing, sorry just sayin.

    All in all is was a great night in my opinion and I hope I get to see the boys again, Blotz if you do actually ever read this crap your all right in my book just keep hammering the skins, Stephen don't leave again, Ratt isn't Ratt without you period, Warren thanks for being a great person and awesome guitar player like Steven your riffs are what make Ratt, Ratt. Robby thank you for letting us fans know how much you appreciate us and keep rockin, and last but defenitely not least Mr. Carlos Cavazos, thanks for keep Ratt alive, not just anyone could replace Robin but you sir fit like a glove, thank you and keep ROCKIN!!!!!

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