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    the new album is better than expected. lol are there any albums sold been a fan from the getgo i dont think they put out a bad album ever, alot of people say this albums not good or that albums not good they all cant be a out of the cellar or invasion theyall have good songs on them.i read alot of people put down the collage album or the second self titled ratt album but they both have good songs on them listen to steel river,hold tight,or the fonic mix of lovin yous a dirty job differnt but cool. the 99 album is cool too listen to so good,so fine ,live for todayand dead reckoning just kicks ass. this album may be better but in my opinion there all good. im just trying to say there are alot of cellar or invasion fans and not ratt fans, the real fans know what im saying. all ratt albums are great! so all the haters have their veiws, but we real fans know ratt kicks ass no matter to all the real fans keep ratt n rolling. new album is great. i agree with rocky please dont make us wait 10 years for the next great ratt album.

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