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  • » From "can people please post the current setlist from this leg of the tour. Thanks!" // August 06, 2010 3:48:59 AM UTC

    Sunday, August 1 at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, CA.
    What an awesome show! Haven't seen Ratt since new years eve on the invasion of your privacy tour when I was in high school. Good times!

    Here ya go,

    Check this out:

    Ratt Setlist:

    "You're In Love"

    "Lay It Down"

    "Lack of Communication"

    "Take A Big Bite"

    "I Want A Woman"

    "Slip of the Lip"

    "Lovin' You's A Dirty Job"

    "Last Call"

    "Best of Me"

    "Back For More"

    "Nobody Rides For Free"

    "Way Cool Jr."

    "Wanted Man"

    "The Morning After"

    "Round and Round"


    "Eat Me Up Alive"

    "Walkin' The Dog"

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