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    I too have been a big fan since I first heard "Round and Round" in grade school. I've been lucky enough to have moved to LA and seen the band several times at the Key Club on Sunset since 1999 or so.

    I am completely overtaken by how great this record is. Sonically, it is wonderfully heavy, and feels like the followup record to "Reach for the Sky." Every instrument is recorded and mixed so well, and it is obvious that a great deal of effort (and money) was spent on the production. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for putting in the effort. I have listened to the album nearly every day since it came out, and no matter what the drudgery of the day involved, the delicious chords of Warren's guitar puts a smile on my face every time. The songwriting is excellent, and the producer obviously did his homework, because it feels like something Beau Hill would have produced in the 80's. F-in Kudos guys!

    .... And to the poor gal who I accidentally headbutted during "Eat Me Up Alive" at the 4/20 show, I'm really sorry. A big dude picked me up and threw me (because apparently LA is too cool to dance at a Ratt show). I'm really sorry, and I hope your jaw is okay.

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