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    @Dig: I guess it´s all about money and stuff like that, and thats why there not are bands in same genre who tours together. The people in the suits dont give a damn about the genre is the exactly same, as long they make big money. But of course "rock/metal bands" open for "rock/metal bands", and that mean that a band like Crooked X can open for Kiss, and that happend two years ago... Eeew!!

    People who like bands like Motley, WASP, Ratt, dont know were to look after new bands in the same genre. People even dont know that it's exist new bands in the same genre!!! Just check out bands like Crashdiet, Sister, Jailbait, Loud ´n Nasty, Redlight Attraction, Peep Show (not Swedish), and there are tons of more of them here in Sweden. Maybe bands dont have to tour together, cause thats diffucult to make that happen, but maybe some sort of internet based site.. advertising.. publicity.. anything!! If older bands can help the younger, everyone will earn on it in the end.

    I cant solve the "problems", I can only identify them in a small way. I dont even know how the music business works...

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