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  • » From "New Blotzer interview on Noisecreep" // August 04, 2010 2:25:41 PM UTC

    Wow....and ouch. All bands go through their "creative differences", and I respect that [don't necessarily agree with it , but I am not a musician so what do I know about this stuff?], but like what already has been said, this is something fans have heard before. And, we are tired of it. It's high school drama, it seems to have no resolution or compromise, and it's repetitive.

    Maybe there's some kind of reverse psychology going on spurring the negative comments - you know, talk trash about your bandmates and maybe more people will flock to the show in hopes of a fight? Look at all of the attention that this one article generated. But this is truly getting old guys...and I agree with some other posts. Either deal with this drama privately so that your FANS can enjoy your music....or move on.

    Aside from that, I still love the music. I hope that they can work on these petty issues and continue to rock out.

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