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    =drummerboy1966 said:This is to the band, I'm one of the '' old '' fans since the beginning, I have seen Ratt twice in the 80's in Bowling Green,Ky and Nashville, Tenn. I sold about everything I had at the time just to go and see them. After the show I followed the bus to the hotel and Stephen slapped my hand going in, and since that day, I was hooked. Igot to talk to Robbin for about 30 seconds in Nashville, Tenn. I can't remember anything said but I remember. What got me during both concerts is when Warren de Martini danced with his guitar like he was into the song, Stephen got right in our face while singing, and juan did that airplane spin kind of thing, and bobby was crazy on the drums, throwing sticks, and having beer handed down to him, kinda like a little time for bobby now you know. This is the things that kept me going to see Ratt because they were exciting on stage, not just standing there like statues. I'm 46 now and will still go to Ratt concets as long they get close enough to where I can go. I love you guys, KEEP ROCKIN !!

    GREAT story dude! RATT is the greatest! RATT rules!

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