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  • » From "Bobby Blotzer slams Stephen Pearcy on Facebook Feb 16, 2011" // February 22, 2011 9:59:20 PM UTC

    Look at past & present writing credits & very few times will you see Blotzer's name. The main/consistant song writer's are and have always been Stephen & Warren. Moreover, I think it's awesome that Pearcy continues to release music outside of Ratt. I've seen him solo many times and he rocks the house no matter how big the audience is. However, I don't think he believes for a second these projects are going to go platinum or compare in anyway to Ratt. He's a muscian and it's in his blood to write & play whenever possible. Lastly, I told a friend of mine when the guys got back together to check them out ASAP because Blotzer will fuck this band up soon.

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