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  • » From "Bottom Line" // April 18, 2011 9:52:10 PM UTC

    Im glad I started this post. Weather you agree or disagree with me, there are some good points posted by everyone.

    I think GiveItAll's post is right on. First of all, Invasion is a "die hard' fan like me favorite. That album is just fun to me. I never get tired of listening to "Never Use Love"...

    I went back and listened to Infestation after I read the post. Im sorry, none of the songs "stick" to me like Cellar, Invasion, or Dancing...maybe thats just me, and thats cool. It's like someone posted before, it just doesn't have the big, powerful sound like Cellar and Invasion.

    Maybe my first post was a lil over the top, if so, I apologize. These guys are talented and I know if they wanted to they could produce an album we'd all love. Unfortunately, it may never happen.

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