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    Bottom line here is that Ratt has never put out any records or done any Major touring with out Pearcy. Nothing against Warren he is also Ratt, but Bobby has been a thorn to Ratt even back in the 80s. Back then he wanted more action same as now. He is the drummer , he is expendable and he has not ever been a Major wrtier in this band, I know he has written a few songs but NOTHING like anyone else. If you look back at the 80s ALBUMS THE KEY WRITERS were Stephen, Warren and Juan. Robbin (R.I.P.) was also involved alot in the first few albums, but after the drugs took over he even seemed to be less involved in the writting. Bottom line Bobby is a selfish bastard and ALWAYS has been. By putting out his book at the same time as the new album and tour, just REALLY proves this. All of you Pearcy haters should listen to his projects he has done outside of Ratt. Arcade and Vertex were Fucking GREAT. Ratt is not Ratt without Pearcy. I do wish Juan would come back and if Bobby would just SHUT UP, things could be really Cool and Great with Ratt. Once again Bobby either shut the fuck up, or go and clean your carpets and let Ratt-N-Roll infest again.

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