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RATT's "ROUND AND ROUND" re-entry into the Billboard Top 20 Charts since 1984.

A HUGE Thank you to all of our fans, old and new, who have pushed RATT up the charts this year, 2020, The Year of the RATT!

We look forward to seeing all of you out on the road when our tour is back on track. We are going to Celebrate this success with each and every one of our Ratt n' Roll Fans!

Cheers Everyone!

Stay Happy, Healthy, and Safe.

The Ratt Pack

Stephen Pearcy will be on Gary Gravers "Controlled Chaos", IHeartRadio, Wednesday (4/29/20) at 8am.


Eddie Trucks' Trunk Nation Sirius XM Channel 106, this Thursday(4/30/20) at 3pm.


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