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It is with a sad heart to hear about another passing in the RATT family. Our dear friend, Tawny Kitaen. Tawny was an integral part of RATT history and a beloved friend to me whom I met through Robbin Crosby in San Diego around 1977. They had an apartment down the street from my grandmother, I would hang out and she'd have to sit and hear us play for hours and hours where Robbin & I played music and wrote songs that would end up on future RATT albums. She & Robbin were a beautiful beach loving teenage couple and when Robbin moved to L.A. with his band Mac Meda (before Ratt)she followed and they both shot for the moon and reached for the stars. Tawny modeled as our cover model for both our EP and Out of the Cellar, as well as our video, Back for More. She left a legacy to be proud of and forever left her imprint on the Decade of Decadence as an 80's icon.

Say hello to Robbin for me my friend

Stephen Pearcy


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